National Hug Day - 5 ways to send an invisible hug in lockdown

National Hug Day - 5 ways to send an invisible hug in lockdown

Today is National Hug Day.

For nearly a year now, like so many of us, I’ve missed being able to hug loved ones. Being able to hug boosts people in so many ways & does so much for a lot of people mentally. Although I completely understand why we can’t and it’s better to be safe, it’s also okay to be sad at the fact that we can’t. Things are definitely feeling strained and difficult again at the moment. Throw not being able to hug people in the mix which often helps me when I’m feeling low and it can get overbearing. Thankfully, there are other things that you can do, especially in the current climate, to make someone’s day. In this blog post, I’m going to give you 5 ways to consider for doing this. Being kind costs nothing, or very little if you’re putting a gift together for someone, and it can make the difference to how someone is coping right now.

  1. Simply check in

Check in with loved ones & simply let them know that you are there for them, even if you can’t meet up physically. Sending a message or making a phone call just to let someone know this can really mean a lot. It’s made the difference to me being able to get out of a dark place quicker & not, especially recently as it’s always nice to see someone show that they’re there for you through their actions. It’s lovely to know that you’ve crossed someone’s mind & that they care & in a time where it can be easier to sit back & not reach out, sometimes reaching out to others can make the world of difference, even if they don’t say it.

  1. Arrange a baking/cooking session with a friend via video call

This is one that I’m yet to do due to not having my baking things at the moment but I came up with this idea a while ago. Whether it’s one evening or a Sunday afternoon, “get together” via video call with a friend or even a few friends. Share your ideas for recipes and ingredients the week before so you have plenty of time to order/obtain ingredients when you go on your food shop and have a chat whilst you cook/bake. Even if you don’t feel up to chatting, it can be nice to have someone there on the other end of the video as company, especially if you live on your own. Organising a tea party or a weekly coffee and cake catch up call is also another nice but different way to stay in touch.

  1. Order them a gift box related to something they like

Flowers can also be a good one for this (although they can be a bit more expensive). I’m a big fan of receiving a small self-care box gift with face masks, bath bombs and things to relax me and have had so much joy browsing online to find gifts which aren’t too expensive to send to my loved ones to make them smile. Even doing someone a card online and sending it is another great way that isn’t expensive that can make someone smile long after they’ve opened it as it’s something they can display in their home to look at. Ordering someone a selection of photo prints to be delivered from memories you’ve made can also spur them on to hold on and hope for better and brighter times ahead.

  1. Start a book club or movie club

You can switch off for a while from social media and order the same book to read then discuss at a later date or find a film you’ve wanted to watch with someone and watch it separately, then do the same. Book clubs are a good way to get people talking and sharing ideas and can also help you try something to read or watch that might not necessarily have been your first choice. If you're into music or playing an instrument, you could also schedule a video call to discuss ideas, write songs, discuss your thoughts on different songs and artists or take it in turns to play songs to one another that are new to the other people.

  1. Make a vision board on Pinterest together

Pinterest is so addictive and one of my favourite apps to go to if I fancy being on social media but don’t want to sit on other apps. It’s a good escape and it often inspires me from life hacks to home ideas, to wardrobe picks to meaningful quotes. Vision boards could be a fun way to spark hope and get you and loved ones excited as to what you want to do and see together when it is safe to do so. It could be anything from going out for a gin or two, a day trip, photography down at the beach with your friends, going for a weekend away or going on a shopping trip.

To the world, you’re just a person, but to a person, you are the world. Remember that we all have something in common right now in that we are all going through this pandemic together. Be kind to one another and as hard as it can sometimes feel, check in on those you love & also make sure you look after yourself. Hold on, things will get brighter.

Until next time,

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