Do you ever dream about a better future with your ostomy, a perfect bag that never leaks, or even a day when  bags will be a thing of the past? Well keep those dreams alive because some amazing innovations are happening as we speak. 

Some developments have already made it to market and you may already be  benefiting from them right now, whilst others are still being tested but will be well worth the wait. So lets take a look at some of the most exiting innovations happening in the ostomy appliance space.   

Innovations already here

 Adhesion RedefinedTraditionally, one of the biggest challenges for ostomy patients has been maintaining a secure and leak-proof seal around the stoma. New adhesive materials are being developed to address this:

  • Biocompatible Adhesives: These adhesives are gentler on the skin, reducing the risk of irritation and allergic reactions.
  • Extended Wear Adhesives: Imagine a pouch that stays securely in place for longer periods, offering greater peace of mind. Advancements in adhesive technology are moving towards this goal.
  • Flexible base plate ostomy bags which contour to irregular stomas and abdomens in order to reduce leaks. Examples include
    • Esteem+ Flewx Convex system by Convatec
    • Ceraplus skin barrier bags by Hollister
    • Coloplast have launched multiple products including the petal shaped Sensura Mio bags

Hopefully Coming soon

 Sensors that Speak: Wearable Tech Enters the Game The rise of wearable technology is making its way into ostomy care with the development of sensor-equipped devices:

  • The Alfred Smart Bag: This smart ostomy bag tracks output, monitors stoma irritation and detects output state with wireless connectivity to alert the wearer. The volume and output readings can also be shared with your nurse
  • Leak Detectors: Imagine a sensor that can detect a leak before it happens! These wearable devices could provide early warnings, allowing for a quick change and preventing skin irritation.
    • A sensor device incorporated into the base plate to monitor for leakage which connects to a smartphone
    • Thermoresponsive skin barrier appliancesthat not only senses a leakage but responds to it by deploying an amount of sealant from a miniature pump system, thus preventing any further leakage.You can read all about thisdigital leakage system here: 
  • Fill Level Monitors: Discreet sensors could monitor the fill level of the pouch, taking the guesswork out of pouch changes and promoting a more personalized routine. The Ostom-I Alert Sensor clips across the bottom of the bag and as the bag fills it relays data back to a smart phone. The phone can then send alerts to prevent the bag overfilling. This data could also be shared via a hospital ward dashboard  to help nurses manage patients ostomy bags. You can read more about this device here
  • Skin Protection: Ostoform seal is a device that diverts ostomy effluent from the skin. It is a mouldable seal that is placed around the stoma to direct the flow away from the skin into the bag.        

Future Innovations

The Future of Stomas: Smart Devices and Automation While still in the conceptual stage, some really cool futuristic ideas which could mean no bags are needed at all.

  • Self-Sealing Stomas: Imagine a stoma that automatically seals itself after emptying waste, eliminating the need for external pouches altogether. This technology is under research exploration.
  • Automated Irrigation Systems: This concept involves devices that can automate the process of stoma irrigation, offering a more convenient and potentially less stressful experience.
  • TIES®System (Transcutaneous Implant Evacuation System):

  • This a revolutionary idea developed by a Norwegian company OstomyCure which consist of an inplant , and a lid which contains the stoma. When the user wishes to empty, they attach a disposable bag to the device, drain and remove bag and replace the lid, so giving complete control over your bowel motions. Check out their website here: 
  • SphinX – A product of Crimson Healthcare is a soft pliable device that is inserte3d into the stoma to provide a port that can be plugged, which receates continence
  • StomaLife: A valve system that is implanted around the stoma to
    • To provide controlled flow of waste and gas release without the need for a stoma bag
    • A magnetic retention system secures it to the stoma without the need for adhesives

These are just a few examples of the exciting advancements happening in ostomy care, promising a higher quality of life for countless individuals. As these innovations continue to evolve, managing an ostomy will become a more comfortable experience, removing most of the things you might worry about like, leaks, smell, noise or skin issues.

Which innovation has got you most exited ? 

Is there something you'd like to see invented?

If this short blog peaked your interest then you’ll enjoy this article which cites these innovations.

In the meantime remember to love your ostomy bag despite all the challenges, it has given you so much. 

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