Post Surgery Veggie Soup

Post Surgery Veggie Soup

I remember being between a rock and a hard place after having my ileostomy on what to eat. I had next to no appetite and when I did I just wanted all the foods I was a bit worried about. For instance there wasn’t much information out there about eating vegetables with a stoma and I was worried I was going to have to change my diet! So I came up with this soup which I still have in my rotation; normally I wouldn’t share a soup in the summer but the weather has been a bit up and down so I didn’t think it was the end of the world!

You know the seasonal veggie packs most supermarkets have? Well this pretty much just uses one of them with a few small additions so it is actually pretty cheap to make too. I have some portioned off in my freezer.

  • small swede or turnip
  • 2 carrots
  • parsnip
  • 1/4 butternut squash
  • onion
  • 2 smallish sweet potatoes
  • red pepper
  • 2 garlic gloves
  • 150g red lentils
  • veggie stock cube
  • smoked paprika (normal will be fine)
  • thyme

First you want to chop up your veg it can be quite chunky for this stage. The pepper, sweet potato and butternut squash wants to go on a baking tray with a light coating of oil and the paprika.

The rest of the veggies and the garlic clove want to go in a decent sized pan (I have a stock pan I use for soup and that is huge!) with a little bit of oil start to saute them off.

The veg on the tray wants to go in the oven at a medium heat for 15 mins then add into the pan when done.

Next I add in the lentils, thyme and the stock cube. Cover the vegetables with cold water and allow to simmer until they are all soft.

Blend the soup up to the texture you are happy with and season to your taste.

I like to sprinkle a bit of nutritional yeast on top, or stir in some cheese and a bit of cream and some yummy croutons!

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