Preparing to order your Christmas Delivery

Preparing to order your Christmas Delivery

Is this your first Christmas with an ostomy of any kind? Maybe you are a dab hand at this now or maybe you panic about running out of supplies over the festive period? Hopefully with this little guide on what I do when it comes to preparing to order my ostomy supplies delivery it might be a little less stressful!

First of all please check out this post of when the last guaranteed delivery for Christmas is for the main companies here. Even though they are all open until around Christmas Eve some of them like to have a cut off date just to ensure you get those much needed supplies in time!

So what else do I do before getting ready to place my order?

  • check what supplies I already have – now this one sounds like a no brainer but sometimes I find I have a slight surplus of some items and that means I won’t need to add them to my delivery order
  • think about what items are essential to my bag changes and what I could go without until after the new year if I ran out – so for me I would have to have either the eye shaped washers or the wedges from Peak Medical but I don’t need both so as long as I have enough of both I can alternate and still have a happy stoma
  • I like to add one to two extra boxes of my bags mainly because my output can vary massively and due to my Hypermobile Elhers Danlos Syndrome my output can pancake and cause me more leaks! Or my stoma likes to be a bugger and retract again causing leaks!

Do you have any tips and tricks you use when it comes to ordering your supplies ahead of Christmas? It is nice to be prepared when this is an already stressful time of year!

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