Salts Healthcare

Salts Healthcare

To continue the posts about the different companies and the different products available we will look at Salts Healthcare. This company recently made waves in the ostomy community with their new look Confidence bags.

Those waves were due to the colours of the ostomy bag being customisable (to an extent) with your outfit; as you may know many companies have the standard “medical” peachy coloured bags and then Coloplast have the grey coloured appliances but not Salts no they have gone for a skin tone they call stone, a white and a black.

They in the last year have become available in a convex base plate which has opened up it’s availability to more ostomates. The bags from Salts have petals on the base plates which allow for your body to move without restriction and contour to your body better. They cater for all ostomates with their range for urostomies, colostomies and ileostomies.

They also have a range of additional products to help keep your peristomal skin happy and healthy – the one I haven’t seen before is the stoma collar which sits around your stoma spout to prevent your output from leaking – safe to say I ordered a sample to have a better look!

Salts is also one of if not THE oldest ostomy appliance company in the United Kingdom as it was founded in 1701!! Although it wasn’t ostomy bags they were creating but surgical tools and implements! I have to admit I do like the fact that even though they have evolved into an ostomy appliance company that their roots are still medical based even if it was the tools that could preform the surgery we know as today.

Have you used the Salts Healthcare products? Remember one bag definitely doesn’t fit all hence why we have these monthly posts highlighting a different ostomy company available.

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