Scar Tissue and ME

Scar Tissue and ME

I like many people who have had multiple surgeries live with scar tissue or adhesions and sometimes they go varying lengths of time without having pain or on the other hand having loads of pain.

This is something I have to deal with a lot but there has been times where it is worse than others; and I have been recording when I find the pain to be more unbareable than others and weirdly I have found it to be around the time I ovulate. Having periods after having my tubes tied is even more irritating than just having them in general. 

When Button was born the horror of a surgeon told me my left ovary was missing and claimed that it must have been removed when my ileostomy was formed. When I saw my colorectal surgeon and mentioned this to him; he was incredibly adamant that this wasn't the case and went through my histology notes and said that they were both certainly there or they were when he closed me up.

I ended up seeing the obstetrics consultant who delivered Ra-Ra and he scheduled a dye test to check that my tubes had in fact been tied. From this test we were able to see my ovaries were in the right place and we can only assume that the left one has become tangled in scar tissue after my ileostomy surgery.

So the pain surrounds itself around my left hip and comes into the middle of my stomach and the same in my lower back; weirdly it also causes pain in and around my bum wound. The pain only lasts one day but is so intense it affects how I walk and can often take my breath away.

Is this something you have experienced?

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