Tummy Sleeping With An Ostomy: Tips & Tools

Tummy Sleeping With An Ostomy: Tips & Tools

I think it's common knowledge nowadays just how important sleep is to our health and wellbeing. That being said, there can be factors which make getting a good nights sleep more challenging, like having an ostomy, especially if you are a tummy sleeper.

Having an ostomy shouldn't stop you from catching those precious Zzz's in your favourite position. But for stomach sleepers, the stoma pouch can feel like a bit of a roadblock. Don't worry though, there are a few tricks and tools, that can help you reclaim your tummy time and wake up feeling refreshed.

Why Stomach Sleeping with an Ostomy Can Be Tricky

Sleeping on your stomach puts pressure on your stoma and pouch. This pressure can:

  • Increase the risk of leaks, especially if your pouch is full.
  • Flatten the pouch, making it harder for output to drain properly.
  • Cause discomfort or irritation around the stoma.

Tummy Sleeping Tips

Here's how to enjoy sleeping on your stomach with an ostomy:

  • Empty before bed: Make sure your pouch is emptied and changed right before bedtime to minimize leaks during the night.
  • Embrace the strategic empty: If you know your stoma is most active at certain times, plan your tummy time for when it's less likely to fill up.
  • Post-surgical healing: Give your stoma time to heal completely before attempting prolonged stomach sleeping.
  • The power of positioning: Try bending the knee on the side with your stoma. This creates space for the pouch and reduces pressure.
  • Pillow power: Place a pillow under your hips to elevate your lower body and take some pressure off your abdomen.

Sleeping on stomach with knee bent

Tummy Sleeping Tools 

Looking for an extra layer of security? The Comfishield stoma protector is a game-changer for stomach sleepers. This discreet set provides a comfortable barrier between your stoma and the mattress, offering:

  • Pressure relief: The soft pad and semi rigid shield takes some of the direct pressure of your ostomy when lying on your tummy
  • Peace of mind: Knowing you have an extra layer of protection allows for a more relaxed sleep.
  • Leak protection: The Comfishield back pad can  absorb any minor leaks, giving you time to react before any leaks reach your sheets, making it into a bigger disruption to your nights rest
  • Extra bonus the Comfishiled can be used to protect your stoma during the day in many situations and there is currently a special offer on which includes a bonus spare shiled with every set :-)

Comfishield stoma protector set

Remember, You're the Expert on Your Body

Experiment and find what works best for you. Listen to your body and adjust your sleeping position or pouch if you experience any discomfort. With a little planning and the right tools, you can conquer tummy time and enjoy a restful night's sleep.

Sweet dreams!



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