Using Your Garment NHS Prescription

Using Your Garment NHS Prescription

Are you new to having an ostomy? Did you know you if you maybe eligible (UK only) to get up to 6 garments a year which usually include underwear, support garments and support belts. In this post I want to talk to you a little about how you go about using this service.

Firstly it does sometimes seem to be down to your GP’s discretion as to whether you need to have a medical exemption card or not so you may want to check with them first.

The main point that I want to get across is that you don’t want to order lots of things at once because they may not suit your needs or fit. The best way to be cost effective for the NHS which let’s face it if we can all help save it in any way we can we should be doing it! So ordering one thing and checking for size and fit then ordering more is always a good step in the right direction.

The different types of items you can get from the Comfizz website are:

  • waistbands
  • briefs
  • boxers
  • support belts
  • thongs
  • double layer support boxer
  • double layer waistband
  • comfishield

These cover a wide range of support levels, sizes, some are unisex and there are even items for children too.

Proper garment care can prolong the life of even the most used items (some of mine I have had for 3 years now!) I generally wash them on a cool wash and try not to put them in the dryer. I think it will cause less stress on the items material and so far it has worked well for me!

When it comes to thinking about what to order you should think specifically about what you want your garments for? All Comfizz items can be worn everyday and don’t have to have a specific use but you may want certain items for certain situations. For instance exercise, hernia support and just your general every day wear.

When ordering your items there is a handy little form you can use to fill in and get your items, your delivery company is required as that is who sends out your items and your GP is contacted to check your eligibility for the items. If you have any questions feel free to pick up the phone and speak to someone either at Comfizz HQ or your doctor surgery.

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