What Christmas outfits can you wear?

What Christmas outfits can you wear?

Christmas feels that much more special this year. Can you feel it? After a few years of the pandemic having to hold back on what Christmas is about - being together. As I type this I am looking at my beautiful Christmas tree and it is not quite December 1st yet…don’t judge! A lot of us are doing the same as people share on social media their excitement about getting the festive season started earlier this year, and why not?! Why not bring joy into your life when times are hard. I say do you, get the decorations up if you want, and start the festivities when you want to.  
This year I have had to say no to going to a few Christmas parties due to having some already, a stark contrast to the previous years. Having not had much of an excuse to get all dressed up and paint the town with glitter, it's the perfect excuse to purchase some new party wear. Here are some ostomy friendly choices...

Body suit 

A body suit is the perfect item to wear to feel secure without the need to pull anything up or worry where it lies. Where your ostomy is concerned, choosing one without a thick seam across the bikini line is key, with soft fabric that is breathable. If not it can feel suffocating. A high quality item with poppers for quick easy access for emptying is key. There are so many beautiful options this time of year with sequins, embellishments and glitz galore! The wrap designed pieces are ever so flattering on the tummy area with halter neck designs available too. Choosing the right fit is important for how it sits as there is nothing worse than a body suit that is riding up in all the wrong places to kill your mood on a night out! If you love the look of a body suit but the design of having it secured the way they are intended doesn't appeal to you, there is nothing stopping you from tucking it into a skirt, shorts or trousers and wearing it like a top. Do you and use it how you want to.

Tiered dress

A tiered dress isn't to everyone's taste, but what it does for sure is that it looks beautiful whilst you're dancing the night away in its movement and provides lots of room for indulgence, bloating and an ostomy bag. Similar to a smock dress fanning out at the bottom, you can go classic black and add accessories to add that bit of extra sparkler, or as you can see from these examples let the dress do all the talking. If you do have a full bag it will most definitely be disguised in this dress and give you that extra time to finish your conversation or your dance before going to sort it out to carry on with your evening. Simples!

Mini dress

A mini dress for those of us who love to get the pins out are in abundance this time of year. Support wear may be more relevant here as they can be tight fitting in the form of support briefs such as Comfizz High Waisted Briefs, Level 1 Support or a waistband like the Comfizz 10" Double Layer Waistband, Level 2 Support which I swear by. The trend this year of big side bow details play nicey into an ostomates favour when on the same side as your ostomy if you are not a fan of having your bag noticeable under your outfit. Could there be any more distraction than a big bow, I think not?! I know for me I am at a place where I am not anxious about the outline of my bag showing but that has taken some time. If you aren't at that place yet this could very well be the design for you.

Wrap dress

Who doesn’t love a wrap dress in some shape or form? Perfect to give you shape and cleavage should you wish. The tops and dresses with a strap that can be adjusted are wrap dress goals where you can always loosen them if you start to feel restricted, bloated, your bag filling up, or all three! The fabrics of choice this year are very velvet heavy which feels like you are getting glammed up in your pyjamas to be fair. I'm here for it! The sequinned ones are beautiful but can feel quite heavy. When you add an ostomy into the mix, a heavy dress isn’t the best combination for me. I want to feel comfortable and beautiful at the same time. This is where online isn’t always the best bet, and if you can get into a store to try them on I would every time. Yes you can return them but the faff of it, no thanks!
There have been an awful lot of postal strikes this month so be mindful of that. Don't leave it too late to order if you are buying online, and if you do and you can afford to, buy more than one option. Most companies offer free returns. Above all else, feel beautiful this party season the way you deserve too and enjoy making memories. 
Until next time, Rach x
Disclaimer: As always, this post is from our blogger, Rachel's, experience of living with an ostomy & Hirschsprung's Disease & from what she has researched. Nothing in our blog posts should be taken as medical advice. It's always best to consult a medical professional if you have queries or concerns.
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