What to do with Ostomy Supply Boxes?

What to do with Ostomy Supply Boxes?

Do you find you get a fair few boxes once you have used your supplies? Have you ever thought of a use for them rather than just putting them in the recycling? Well I have come up with an idea to make use of them! Now this does have to do with my daughters reception teacher asking for recycling for their “creation station”.

I was chatting to her about the fact I have little boxes that my Varimate Wedges and other ostomy “accessories” came in, which she was saying was pretty perfect for the kids creation area. I just happened to mention that my stoma bags come in boxes a bit smaller than shoe boxes and she said they would be perfect for their “love in a box” project. Which is basically their name for the shoe box appeal for the orphaned kids in Romania.

Now I remember doing these back when I was at primary school and every year since Ra-Ra was about one I’ve wanted to do one with her but every single year we miss the cut off for it but no more! I find that buying shoes just for this cause is a bit steep when you might not have the money for just the darn box. Or just hate buying shoes!

If you have an ostomy and don’t have small children why not get in touch with your local primary school and ask if they do the shoe box scheme and offer your boxes. Yes they may be flimsy when the lid has been opened but they aren’t too bad when the lid is closed. It could be a big help for schools who struggle with funding or have children with parents without in-disposable income (like me!)

You can offer your small boxes from your stoma “accessories” for their reception classes, as most schools do the Mister Maker style artworks, and really these don’t take up much room but are slightly different to having other recycling objects.

Even if you can’t donate these items you may have small children in the family who come visit and you can save these items and have an arts and crafts box with glue, tissue paper and paint (if you are brave) which can keep little bored hands busy for awhile and engage in their imagination! Also win for chronically sick parents!!

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