Why is having an Emergency Supply Bag a Good Idea?

Why is having an Emergency Supply Bag a Good Idea?

No matter how far along in your ostomy journey you are I fully believe it is a good idea to have what I call a “go bag” for different situations or reasons. You may have found the perfect routine which leaves you with next to no leaks now which is fantastic but there is always the small possibility something may change be it what you have eaten, the weather or something else.

I have a few different bags of varying sizes dotted around the place which mainly gives me the reassurance that I can carry on my day with a clean appliance. So I have in my work bag one full bag change and that includes some underwear! One in the car (and my car not that I can drive it yet but I do like to be prepared!) these have a couple of full changes and that includes clothes – because they are a permanent resident in the car they get changed out regularly as the sometimes rapid change in heat can affect the adhesive and it is just better to be safe than sorry! I have one at my Mam’s that is just supplies as let’s face it she wouldn’t mind me washing my clothes if necessary! Then lastly I have a change in my handbag for the ultimate emergency.

I know that sounds overkill but other than the two bags in the cars the rest of them are only small and in pockets of existing bags or a wash bag. What you put in is really up to you and can be reduced over time as either your confidence increases if you are a new ostomate or as you find you need less items in your routine. Mine has definitely reduced over time which is why I now just shove supplies in pockets in bags rather than having it all in one large bag.

I find that carrying wipes rather than sprays take up less space and having bags precut either by yourself or from your supplies saves tons of fiddling and time. There are also little foldable bags you can ask for from your ostomy supplier that have a little hook you can use so when out and about if there isn’t any shelves or space to lay out your supplies, you can hang them and have easy access to them. Do you have an emergency kit or a go bag? What do you have in them?

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