15 Stoma Facts for #WorldOstomyDay

15 Stoma Facts for #WorldOstomyDay

Hello lovely!

Tomorrow (Saturday 2nd October) is World Ostomy Day.

This post, I thought I'd share with you some stoma facts (thanks to many great resources & my experience). What better time to share some facts than around World Ostomy Day?!

1. 'Stoma' comes from a greek word which means 'opening' or 'mouth'.

2. There are approximately 13.5 million people worldwide with a stoma.

3. A urostomy, ileostomy & colostomy are the 3 main types of stoma.

4. A colostomy is usually on the left hand side of your tummy, where as an ileostomy is usually on the right.

5. Not all stomas are permanent.

6. The global gender split for stoma patients is roughly 55% male/45% female.

7. A colostomy is the most common type of stoma (just - by a few %, followed by ileostomy).

8. A urostomy is permanent and not reversible.

9. The term 'ostomate' is often used to refer to someone who has had a stoma formed.

10. Each stoma has its own unique size & shape.

11. When walking down the street, you can't tell who has a stoma bag unless you can see it e.g. if the person is wearing a crop top. Just because you can't see it, it doesn't mean it isn't there! 

12. People may need surgery for various reasons such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), cancer, diverticulitis, childbirth, trauma from an accident & endometriosis. Reasons are not limited to this list.

13. Stomas can and do save lives (including mine).

14. Stomas have no nerve endings, so if things come into contact with it, such as your bag, you shouldn't feel pain. Always contact a medical professional if you do have pain and/or you're worried.

15. A stoma is always formed to help, not hinder. My stoma gave me quality of life. It isn't without it's ups and downs, but I am here for those ups and downs.

Thank you to Colostomy UK, A Bigger Life & Health & Care for some useful information.


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