Available on NHS Prescription

All the products you see below are available on NHS prescription in the UK. You are entitled to apply for whatever you feel you need, but this does not guarantee your order. The relationship you have with your doctor or ostomy nurse will determine how much they understand your needs and therefore what they will prescribe. If you obtain your prescriptions through a prescription service such as Bladder and Bowel or Appliance Prescription Service then you must place your request directly with them.

Simply add your products to cart and select Order On Prescription on the cart page. Your garments should arrive within 3 weeks, often sooner. There is no charge to you.

New customers should try just a couple of garments to check fit and suitability before requesting more on prescription. If you have already tried Comfizz and you know what you want there’s no need to place a small order. Just go ahead and request what you need. Most GP’s are happy to prescribe up to 6 garments a year.

Many of our products have been temporarily removed from the Scottish NHS. If you live in Scotland, look for products with a Scottish icon as these are currently the only products available to you on prescription.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can still request a prescription, even if the required item/s is/are sold out. However, please be aware that there will be a longer wait than the normal 3 weeks that we usually advise. Please contact us if you have any queries about this wait time via phone: 0113 266 2096 or e-mail: info@comfizz.com

If you need a little bit of help and support, why not book a free one-to-one consultation with one of our experts?