Christine's Story


My Name is Christine Brown

3 years ago on December 16th 2016 I was diagnosed with stage 4 bladder cancer a complete shock as apart from a bloated stomach and bleeding only the week before I was well.

January 2017 my intense chemo started and boy I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy I was very sick most of my hair fell out .

I then had to make my decision on a stoma bag or bladder reconstruction I choose the stoma bag as I’ve not heard good reports on the other.

April 21st 2017 I went in for my 9 hour operation being in intensive care for 4 days. Then my life changed forever I will tell you that I hated it this thing hanging on my belly and at 58 years old I wanted it to end and all people said to me but your alive !!

It’s taken me nearly 3 years to come to some sort of terms with it but I’m getting there. A disability that can’t be seen I feel you don’t get the support you need where I live I don’t no anyone else with 1 so I feel lonely but my family are wonderful and I am grateful now to be living my life to some degree of happiness. To all of you other brave people out there (brave I was not) I send my best wishes and happy thoughts and to the Comfizz team well done a great service