Danni's Story


My Name is Danni

This is my stoma story. My name is Danni and I just turned 26 years old at the end of January. I have an end ileostomy that I call Charlie after a nurse that looked after me in hospital. I got diagnosed with chronic dysmotility at the age of 19 in July 2014 after having lots of tests and scans. My amazing Surgeon gave me 3 Surgical options and I picked the one that I knew was going to be the best one for my body. He also told me that my chronic dysmotility looked like it had been from birth and he was quite shocked that nobody else had diagnosed me earlier. I had been on constant laxatives since the age of 5 and they completely ruined my intestines. 4 months later on the 11th November 2014 I had my Surgery which ended up being done in an emergency. I had a loop ileostomy formed at first and when my Surgeon was operating he saw how enlarged my entire colon was, he then flushed my colon with saline and also antibiotics. Still to this day over 6 years later my colon isn’t back to normal and is still pressing on my organs. 18 months later in July 2016 I then had my loop ileostomy formed to an end ileostomy. I was only in hospital for a couple of days and my recovery was quicker. Since then I’ve had multiple surgeries to try and help me deal with mucus build up that then turns into an infection if left too long. Irrigation and suppositories don’t help so my Surgeon has to clear my intestine out under general anaesthetic. I was recently hospitalised earlier in February for a bad stoma prolapse and a serious infection which was dealt with by my Surgical Team. I also suffer with my Mental Health but I have the support I need from my Husband, family and friends.