Light Support 7" Ostomy Waistband
Light Support 7" Ostomy Waistband
Light Support 7" Ostomy Waistband
Light Support 7" Ostomy Waistband

Light Support 7" Ostomy Waistband

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Product Description


a simple and effective way to cover and support your stoma

A seamless stretchy tube made from breathable fabric. The waistband is designed to sit around the mid-torso area, positioned to suit the wearer in order to conceal and support the surgical site or stoma bag without restricting flow. It can be worn all day and night if required. 

Waistband Features include:

  • Intimacy – discretely hides the surgical site or stoma bag
  • Changing room privacy, feel confident nothing is visible when undressing
  • Swimming – worn under conventional swimwear to secure everything in place
  • Overnight – sleep sound and secure with the waistband keeping everything in place
  • Sports- keeps your appliance secure and prevents it moving about during activities
  • Can be combined with boxers or briefs for extra support
  • Fashion friendly – cropped T-shirts, hipster trousers can make it tricky to conceal your ostomy. The waistband is the solution
  • Reduce dragging sensation from ostomy          
  • Breathable fabric means that sweat can wick away so keeping your skin cool and dry.
  • Seamless garment means no uncomfortable pressure marks

This is a level 1 light support garment

Available on prescription UK

Additional Information

Washing Instructions:

Material Composition (Approx):

Polyamide 85%

Size Guide


Please Note: Due to the nature of the fabric and its two-way stretch, there is a degree of overlap between sizes. Also, take into account your personal preference as to how tightly fitted you like to wear your garments.