Comfizz Stoma Protector
Comfizz Stoma Protector

Comfizz Stoma Protector

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Product Description


optional extra stoma shield

Shield your stoma from any unwanted forces with this optional extra protector. Fits 15cm & 10cm firm support belts and the Comfishield.

The semi rigid ABS plastic ‘cup’ simply velcros onto the level 3 support belt or the Comfishield pad,

Stoma protector features include:

  • Peace of mind, your stoma is safe in various scenarios
  • Jumping dogs which may scratch the stoma site
  • Boisterous toddlers who may accidentally catch/kick the stoma site
  • Any sports which risk potential impact to the stoma site
  • Sleep on your tummy knowing your stoma is safe
  • Car seatbelts on long journeys can irritate the stoma site

This is a protective product and does not offer support

(For use with Level 3 Support Belts or the Comfishield)

Available on prescription UK

Additional Information

Washing Instructions:

Hand wash in warm soapy water

Material Composition (Approx):

Comfishield: ABS Plastic, Nylon 15%

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