Comfizz Women's Swimming Boxers CORE Range, Level 2 Support (Black)
Comfizz Women's Swimming Boxers CORE Range, Level 2 Support (Black)
Comfizz Women's Swimming Boxers CORE Range, Level 2 Support (Black)

Comfizz Women's Swimming Boxers CORE Range, Level 2 Support (Black)

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Product Description


Enjoy swimming with renewed confidence as the Comfizz swim boxers give you everything you need to feel safe and confident.  The high waist design will sit above your stoma, discretely hiding it from view.  Inner mesh layer with slits to pull ostomy bag through, means the bag will be sandwiched snugly between two layers for that extra security.

The medium compression this garment offers is essential in supporting the muscles around the vulnerable stoma/surgical site. The classic design can be combined with the matching Comfizz swim crop top or vest to complete the look you desire.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As with all swimwear - In order to prolong the life of your lovely new swimwear, we would advice after use, to soak/rinse in fresh water immediately after to remove the corrosive chlorine from pools or salt from the sea.

Swim boxer features include:

  • Swim with confidence as the high waist boxers support and conceal the stoma pouch, protecting you as you swim, holding your tummy in and giving you a good shape. The rouche detailing enhances the look and feel of the garment whilst helping to conceal the outline of the stoma bag
  • Experience supreme comfort and total freedom of movement thanks to the virtually seamless construction, two-way stretch and absence of any irritating internal labels
  • Reduce dragging sensation, reduce leaks and improve ostomy bag adherence.
  • Achieve a smoother body shape, without restricting stoma flow, gentle compression from the stretch fabric can help to expel gas from your bag, and so reducing the chance of bloating
  • Reduce your risk of developing a hernia as clinical trials show that by wearing Comfizz support wear does prevent many hernias, particularly during physical activities such as swimming, BJN March 2014

This is a medium Level 2 support garment

Additional Information

Washing Instructions:

Material Composition (Approx):

Polyamide 88%
Lycra 12%

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Size Guide


Please Note: Due to the nature of the fabric and its two-way stretch, there is a degree of overlap between sizes. Also, take into account your personal preference as to how tightly fitted you like to wear your garments.