5 ways Comfizz Supportwear helps me

5 ways Comfizz Supportwear helps me

Hello my lovely Comfizz readers,

I hope this blog post finds you well & if not, I am sending you the biggest hugs (extra big ones for Christmas!)

Having stoma surgery was both life-changing & life-saving for me. One of the things I worried about the most was whether having a stoma would impact what I wear. Thankfully, early on in my recovery, I found Comfizz. Over ten years on, I swear by their products daily & the amount of confidence they have boosted within me I can never thank the Comfizz family enough for.

Extra security when I thankfully rarely have a leak

Whatever level Comfizz supportwear you desire, the good thing about it is that it can actually help bide you time until you can sort a stoma bag leak out as it provides an extra barrier. I've had a few leaks in ten years when wearing a Comfizz waistband, for example, and it's contained most of my output until I was able to get cleaned up a little while later.

Also, if I am having a day where part of my bag struggles to adhere to my skin, this supportwear is great to help hold and mould my bag to my skin when I've just changed it.

That boost to wear tighter fit clothing

...without having to worry if my stoma is compromised! Comfizz supportwear is designed so that your stoma should continue to function normally. I've never been a fan of super "bodycon" fit clothing but I do enjoy wearing tighter things. I don't worry about "bag bulges" as much, especially if my bag is increasingly filling up and a toilet isn't in close vicinity. Some people don't mind if their bag can be noticed under clothes, but this is just my preference. I'm not ashamed of my bag, I just feel more comfy if it is discreet. My bag is mine to talk about should and when I wish to. 

Peace of mind of reducing the risk of a hernia

Because Comfizz supportwear come in different levels, there is a product level perfect for varying levels of activity. I wear level 1(light support) as you can find here most days under my outfits. This gives me that added peace of mind that my abdomen is more supported as I go about my day to day life.

Level 2 (medium) supportwear is ideal for exercising, to help reduce the risk of hernias or, if you do have a hernia, to help support it.

If you're looking for a product to support your abdomen during more strenuous activity, with a hernia or after hernia repair, Level 3 (firm) supportwear is a better option.

As an extra layer when swimming

I love that the Comfizz products can be worn under my costume to help keep my bag in place and secure when swimming. Again, this provides me with added confidence should I start to worry about my bag adhesive becoming less effective in water (which, may I add, I've thankfully never had issues with 2 hours and above in a pool, spa or in and out of a jacuzzi).

Remember to wash your supportwear after being used in chlorinated water especially to keep the product in good condition and prevent fabric breakdown over time. 

When I've been in water, the edges of the adhesive can go a little bit gooey after a while, but in no way has this stopped my bag from sticking. 

Build confidence back up for intimacy

I'm not wearing one in the above picture but the waistbands are a good idea if you are worried about intimacy after surgery and would feel more comfy with something covering/part covering your tummy.

Thank you Comfizz for developing such amazing products which have really changed my life, and many others too!

Wishing my readers a very Happy Christmas! 









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