Alex's Story

Alex's Story

My name is Alex Bolton I'm 28. I've had Crohn's Disease since I was 14.

I've had every biological medication there is. I chose to have an ileostomy in February 2019 then a sub colectomy in May 2020. After having my surgery in 2020 my Crohn's is gone, I know what good health is again.

I wake up every day feeling fantastic; when you're used to feeling so poorly everyday and that's the norm, you forget what feeling good feels like and that's what my stoma "Norma" gave me, I wish I'd had the surgery 10 years ago 😊

My advice to anybody knew or existing ostomates is:

  • Always wear your hernia belt whilst training at the gym or lifting anything you think could hurt you. Everything to lose nothing to gain is what my old man used to say to me.
  • When in doubt change it out, which I also tell myself. If you doubtful about a bag leaking and your going out. Change it! It takes 2 mins and I've been caught short too many times! I also use a hair drier on mine to make it stick that little bit better!
  • The main thing is, wear your bag with pride. Disability is a mindset, my bag is my greatest strength not my weakness!

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