Aura Clothing

Aura Clothing

Recently I decided to take advantage of a sale Aura Clothing were having and bought myself a bikini and a pair of jeans. I just wanted to highlight their company for any lady who may be looking for a pair of jeans with ostomies in mind and fancy looking swimwear (that isn’t support wear – please don’t get them mixed up)

Like with most small companies they may seem expensive but buying from them allows them to eventually pass the savings back to you in the long run. I am a big advocate of buying small and local when I can as once the company becomes established things become cheaper for them to make and then in turn the product becomes less expensive. Sometimes you may only be able to afford to get them in the sales but that still helps and gets you a nice bargain on the side.

Button picked out a floral strappy bikini top and bottom set which has a pocket in for your ostomy bag and it even has a fabric flap/fold at the top of the brief which allows you to keep the top hidden. No other company has a pocket quite like it! I have to say I was very impressed and I have a high sited ostomy.

I really like florals and patterns and thought this little number was really quite pretty and means that if we are in the paddling pool and we have company I can cover up if I want too other wise I would just wear the yellow (sadly not polka dot although it does feel itsy bitsy teeny weeny) bikini I wore when we had the heatwave earlier in lockdown.

I feel for me the main negative on the top was just I need something a bit more substantial and did think am I too much on show but I’m sure in time I will get over that!

The jeans I bought originally didn’t fit and the returns policy was quick easy and fuss free. Sadly they didn’t have in any of the ripped jeans I wanted in the size or two up I was going but I was able to find a pair of blue skinny jeans in the size I wanted (I really wanted a blue pair as I have a pair of black high waist jeans) 

These are so soft and comfortable to wear I was even able to wear them comfortably as my bag filled up. The only downside on these for me personally is the fashion nowadays isn’t trailing on the floor length but ones that sit above the ankle which is fine once I get over myself. I guess you can take the indie kid out of the cord flares etc etc! They came up high enough to cover my ostomy but not too high that I felt like I was replicating Simon Cowell’s fashion “style” if you can call it that!

I think that Aura Clothing are a lovely little brand that you should look into and they have amazing customer service which absolutely always helps! Have you bought any products from Aura Clothing? If so how did you find them?

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