Dare to Bare? Showing your Ostomy

Dare to Bare? Showing your Ostomy

How do you feel when it comes to your stoma? Are you loud and proud about it? Do you have an issue with getting your stoma bag out in public? You can believe it or not be both for instance I am very open about my stoma but I haven’t yet got it out at the pool or the beach because I’m not sure how I feel about doing that yet.

Which is really odd because I will happily get it out for people or take photo’s with it out but I haven’t had it on show in swimwear. I’m happy wearing crop tops or jeans where the top of the bag peaks out. Part of me thinks that as I prefer high waisted bikini bottoms the chance hasn’t come up. Then I think if someone made a negative comment about my ostomy or it being on show I may not be as calm as an advocate should be.

I have recently lost weight which wasn’t intentional but both my swimsuit and my Comfizz tankini are too big, I would like to think I would get a “normal” bikini where my bag would be on show but I know how much I hate the lower part of my stomach so I would feel super self conscious about that.

I took to Twitter to do a poll and ask people on their own experiences:

“I like to have my ostomy bag inside clothes, not because I’m embarrassed, but for the extra security. I do wear a bikini, I just prefer high waist underwear.”

“I do on holiday and at the beach, although my hernia has given my confidence a bit of a wobble so keep it under wraps at all other times.”

“Very happy if on the beach, wouldn’t though otherwise, there isn’t any need to show off my stoma then.”

“Not bothered if anyone sees mine as if they mind I really don’t care.”

“Brave, proud and bad ass.”

“I don’t mind having mine on show, I went to Egypt had it out on the beach and poolside people were inquisitive. I was happy to share my story. Only thing that does get me down is my hernia.”

“I change in a communal changing room at the gym and wear a bikini on my hols. I have a couple of pretty covers that match my bikinis just to make it a little friendlier. People sometimes look, I like it when they ask as I feel the conversation helps to educate.”

“Only showed it once in public in a photo shoot and I hate the darn thing.”

I was so happy to see there were many positive comments about having their bag out on show. Obviously not everyone felt like that which is why I included some of them too because it is such a personal thing and everyone’s view on it should be respected (if they have one of course!)

Maybe since hearing how other ostomates feel I will buy two swimsuits one bikini that hides and one that shows my ostomy. Then depending how I feel that day I can choose between the two.

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