Double Layer Boxers

Double Layer Boxers

This week I wanted to talk about how much I have appreciated the double layer boxers whilst I have been exercising over the last few weeks. Yes these boxers are unisex, they can be bought or added to your annual allowance and of course they are made by Comfizz! But even if they weren’t I would still love them but just maybe not talk about them here!

I don’t often talk about the products supplied by Comfizz as they can speak for themselves! However when they are this good I just think I should give a brief bah dum tish post on them!


  • colour variations
  • they have multiple holes for your ostomy bag regardless what side or where it is situated
  • the holes allow your bag to be away from your skin which helps wick away sweat and helps prevent irritation
  • the layer that comes over the top to hide your bag/ keep it in place


  • if you have a rounded tummy like mine you may find the holes stretch a bit
  • the white top layer is slightly see through so you can see the holes

I like wearing the black ones just as they are as if they were running shorts and thus allowing me to stay cool from not needing to wear layers which whilst running can ride up, drop down or just make you warmer than you want to be! They of course are good for any form of exercise but I tend to find I have the most issues with support wear/clothing in general when I run or do yoga.

I also particularly liked the fact the layer comes down rather than a pocket because then the majority of the bag is away from your skinas you have slotted it through the hole. With pockets although still as good they leave the top part of your bag exposed which can lead to irritation.

Have you worn the double layer boxers? If you have I would love to know your thoughts!

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