Dressing with a Bloated Stomach

Dressing with a Bloated Stomach

There are lots and lots of posts on the tinterweb about dressing with a stoma but very few about dressing with a stoma and a bloated or swollen stomach. This is the single biggest thing that I struggle with and sets off my body dysmorphia the most. Hopefully in this post it might give you some ideas on how to help disguise it if it is something that also bothers you. Of course I would love to be the person that sits here and gives you the magic formula to love yourself in your entireity but sadly I haven’t got that far myself yet.

However I am trying to gain body confidence one step at a time and I managed to break the bikini boundary even if it is just in my back garden! As I spoke about in the post in the link in the previous sentence my stoma isn’t the issue it is my stomach because of how swollen and bloated it looks all the time; or at least it does to me and I am my own worst enemy.

Recently I tried on a pair of denim shorts that I bought last year they now don’t fit at all and my friend said ignore the idea of diets just buy another pair of shorts because our bodies have been through so much why force it to be something it’s not when it has done so much already.

I have been trying hard to find simple clothing changes I can make to minimise my stomach being the worry that people notice first. Here are just a few things I have learnt:

  • patterns – they are great at hiding multitude of things – I refuse to say sins because our bodies aren’t sinful (except maybe in a rude way ha!)
  • high waisted bottoms – this can be shorts, skirts and trousers etc these help smooth out lumps and helps prevent “muffin tops”
  • bags – this works for women unless you feel like it is something you are comfortable with – cross body bags or clutch versions can be placed over or in front
  • loose fitting clothes – be it dresses, t shirts or shirts.
  • layers – can be helpful especially for guys – or so I have been told!
  • support wear – having a good base for clothes is usually the best place to start but I left it till last because I figured you probably already knew that!

Obviously not all of these will work for you but hopefully at least one will and hopefully it will help you with your confidence.

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