New products: Why we are using bamboo fibres & organic cotton

New products: Why we are using bamboo fibres & organic cotton

Tuesday 21st June 2022 marks the launch of Comfizz' new products - our garments which have been largely made from materials such as organic cotton and bamboo.

As a valued new, or existing customer, I'm sure you will have questions surrounding this launch, which is why we decided to put it all down here for you to read at your leisure (and maybe with a cup of tea and a biscuit too!)

What new products have been launched?

Back view of pine crop top and matching level 1 non-bamboo briefs
 *note: Pine briefs pictured can be purchased here (part of a past launch) to pair up with our new pine organic cotton crop-top! 
You can find our new products, labelled 'new' on our website whilst you are shopping but to narrow it down for you, we have launched a/some:
  • Crop top (in colours pine & slate - 80% organic cotton)
  • Level 1/light support bamboo boxers (in colours black & slate - 71% bamboo) 
  • Level 1/light support bamboo briefs (in colours black & slate - 71% bamboo)
  • Level 1/light support leggings (in black - 75% bamboo)
  • Level 2/medium support leggings (in black - 75% bamboo)

Here at Comfizz, we understand that often a little can go a long way. By using better, softer and kinder fibres when producing our garments, we do not only have you as a valued customer in mind, but our planet too.

Even though we sell garments that are intended for medical and health care purposes, we also like to explore alternatives such as bamboo to the conventional materials, for our garments' appearance, feel, and most importantly to enhance how it makes our customers feel.

In this blog post, let's explore our reasons for using organic cotton and bamboo.

Bamboo fibres

A photo of looking up at tall bamboo trees
  • Bamboo is a super soft fabric & is kinder to sensitive skin - even more comfort is coming your way!  We pride ourselves in creating garments that work for everybody, as much as we can.
  • Breathability - microscopic holes in bamboo fibre allow you to feel fresher for longer.. Think of a more sustainable wardrobe!
  • Performance in all weathers - thanks to the above and the cross-sectional properties of the material. It responds to the climate to suit your body temperature needs.
  • Like a hand-gel for your skin (well, kind of...) - Bamboo has anti-bacterial properties (a natural bio-agent called bamboo-kun) meaning less odour sets into our garments and contributes towards a more eco-friendly wardrobe.
  • Moisture wicking - moves moisture away from the inside to the outside of the garments more quickly, keeping you dry and comfortable for longer.
  • Smoother clothes means less ironing - when you do wash your bamboo garments, they wrinkle a lot less than other clothes therefore use up less energy to maintain your wardrobe.
  • Bamboo is sustainably grown. High growth rates and the fact that it can grow in a wide range of climates make bamboo versatile too. Also, when growing bamboo, it needs no pesticides or fertilisers. Sometimes, however, it can be less friendly to our environment to turn into fabric. We offset this through careful calculations of exactly how much fabric we need as to minimise wastage as much as we can. 
Front waist studio shot of slate bamboo briefs

Organic cotton

  • Certified organic cotton is seen as one of the best options for sustainable materials.
  • No highly toxic substances or fossil-fuel based fertilisers - works well for the long-term benefit of our planet and people.
  • Saves water.
  • Better for the skin - organic cotton boasts hypoallergenic properties. We pride ourselves in creating garments that work for everybody, as much as we can.
  • Easier to wear and to work with - Organic cotton is also known to be quite a resilient material meaning a more eco-friendly wardrobe which still looks good over time.

     A summary

    Amy is sat on a red tartan blanket with an apple and a drink in her hands, wearing a purple long-sleeve crop top, black Comfizz leggings and walking boots

    It's vital to note that whilst we have explored the above points, a lot of using bamboo fibres and organic cotton depends on individual factors such as country or origin and source, how they are processed, how they are transported and so on. Here at Comfizz, we take all of these things into account when using them for our garments to produce them not only to a high-standard, but in ways that promote both our customers and the world that we live in.

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