How I cope during the festive season with an ostomy

How I cope during the festive season with an ostomy

So this is going to be my fourth Christmas with an ostomy and every year I find something different to make the festive period a bit easier for me, especially as I work, have kids and I do all the cooking! I like my ostomy to work with me not against me!


Obviously the first thing I like to do is have all of my supplies ordered and then I start filtering out my supplies to the tower of drawers I have in my bathroom, refilling my emergency kits that I keep in my handbags and then I pop the extras in clear boxes on top of my wardrobe.

I also being the one that cooks the food in my house not just in the festive season but all year round means I like to know what we are eating. Having this planned means I know what is going in the food as I do have some no go or be careful foods; I find this helps me rather than rushing out and getting something pre-made that may cause me a lot of discomfort with a blockage and ruin the holidays.

I also have anxiety so I like to know what we are doing on the whole, so if I am going to family or friends that I don’t visit often I will be more on guard with my output so I try to ensure I have loperamide, dioralyte (in case I get dehydrated) spare bags and a deodouriser to help prevent any funky smells where possible.

I also think about what I am wearing if out and about. I am obviously not fussed about letting people know about my stoma but I still would like to conceal a bag full of poop and gas until I can get to a toilet! I do live in dresses and skitrs but many pople like something a little looser or high waisted.

I also like to have a drink but certain types of alcohol can play havoc with my output so that should be something to think about and if you go a little heavy on the tipples I do suggest having a glass of dioralyte before hand, before bed and when you get up in the morning. No they don;t taste great but they also will help restore any lost salts and hopefully help with any hangover!

What are things you do every year to help the festive season go smoothly with your ostomy?

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