International Women’s Day 2020

International Women’s Day 2020

Last year I chose to speak only about one special woman and it was our very own Lorraine but this year I have decided to change it up a bit and talk about some women within the ostomy world who aren’t just ladies I have the privilege of calling my friends but they are the epitome of strength and resilience. They each have their own vulnerabilities of which they share with the whole world via their social media channels. So without further ado here they are:

Amy – @ibdwarriorprincess 

Amy is my fellow blogger here on Comfizz and is the first person to check in when my mental health isn’t that great. She has Crohns and an ileostomy; her blogs were some of the first I read when I was trying to prepare myself for surgery. She is an admin on the IBD superheroes group on Facebook which nicely leads me on to my next lady…

Sahara – @sahara88uk

Sahara goes above and beyond for patients of Inflammatory Bowel disease. She not only was one of the original Get Your Belly Out founders but went on to create the IBD superheroes group and fund raises furiously for Cure Crohns and Colitis. She battled through years of Ulcerative Colitis and then like me had a jpouch before having what is I believe her third ileostomy although this one is for life!

Rebekah – @thebaglifeofbeck

Rebekah again dealt with Ulcerative Colitis and is someone I follow on Instagram and she really doesn’t let life get her down. She is currently part of the Figleaves body diversity campaign. She is now on her bag for life which was resited last year which has helped her pyoderma skin issue heal.

Natalie – @thespooniemummy

Natalie as most of you know by now is one of my best friends. She not only has Crohns but has lived with arthritis since she was 14 months old. Regardless of what life throws at her she remains the one to see that every cloud has a silver lining and is an amazing mummy to her two boys and step daughter.

Rachel – @rocking2stomas

Would it be a proper list if I didn’t share the one woman who fully disagrees with herself being on these lists? Rachel is currently living her best life touring the country doing talks on her life and topics that she holds dear within urology. Not only that but she has been jet setting off everywhere now she has fully realised her two stoma’s (prolapsed ileostomy and urostomy) will only hold her back if she lets them.

These women help remind me to be positive about life even though it has twists and turns full of things we aren’t able to change but as Rachel says it’s our truth and we have to live it. Which women do you feel need a little recognition?

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