Invisible Disabilities Awareness Week

Invisible Disabilities Awareness Week

Invisible disabilities awareness week this year runs from October 18th to the 24th and the idea behind it is to educate people that not all disabilities are visible and we that what you see isn't always what you get! Other's use the phrase don't judge a book by it's cover or you don't know what goes on behind closed doors. 

Very few people unless they see my stoma actually accept that I am ill; all of my other conditions because people can't see them they don't exist and a lot of people forget that I have limitations. I try and act as normal as I possibly can but by the time evening rolls around I'm absolutely knackered; it's even worse when I try and be active it knocks me for six for a day or two afterwards.

I try to go running three times a week, I do the school run twice a day with the added nursery pick up in between, take my pooch for a walk and I also go to work 4 times a day (I look after a lady in the village and go at set times) At least once a week I like to take the pooch on a hike which really takes it out of me but I feel accomplished for doing it at least!

I am trying to lose a bit of weight in the hopes my stoma will stop being such a pain and maybe leak less! So with that I need to be more active as I am not counting calories just trying to be more mindful of what I eat and portions I couldn't live without pizza! With the being active I am trying to hit my step target and my garmin watch adjusts the amount each day. Part of me thinks this will annihilate me soon enough as I'm at 11500 steps and by next week it will be 12000!

I run and move because it is supposed to help with fatigue which is difficult because I suffer with that to begin with in fact I genuinely would say it is my worst symptom to deal with. My joints well no not my joints but the connective tissue causes me lots of pain as they are too flexible and allow the joints to fall out of place. My feet split open and create deep fissures that cause me immense pain to walk on let alone run!

But to look at me I don't look like there is anything wrong with me at all and many people even the ones who should know better often think I am being lazy when in reality I am just trying to fake it not till I make it because I can't ever be well. No I am faking it till I can get home go to bed and ruminate over every thing I could have done better.

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