My Kids and My Ostomy

My Kids and My Ostomy

So as you may know I have two beautiful children – Ra-Ra who was 2 when I had my ileostomy formed and Button who was born after. Both have their own interest in my bag and my stoma, for me it was quite interesting to pay attention to how they both act around it.Ra-Ra (5.5 years old) doesn’t really remember me being sick well as sick as I was before surgery but I remember 00Steve warned her about my tummy after surgery and that it would be sore. She used to bring her doctors bag to my appointments which was super cute especially when asked one day why she brought it she looked at the doctor and said straight faced “You’re not doing a very good job of making my mummy better”! Kids are blooming priceless!

Once I was home she put my slippers on, laid a blanket on me and gave me a cuddle. She has worn a bag because she was curious as to what it was like for me and she didn’t care for it – why would she? However she loves helping me change my bag and other than complains it will be smelly she has said she hopes it makes a mess! Weird child!!

Button (2 on Wednesday can you believe it!) on the other hand is aware I have something on my tummy that is different to him but isn’t particularly bothered about it. Well I say that he isn’t until I adjust it depending on how I sit then he thinks the rustling is a crisp packet and is over like a shot because he is a little gannet! When he has been in the bathroom with me when I have emptied he always looks confused at what is happening.

I’m quite happy in the knowledge that both of my kids will grow up knowing that yes something is different but that different isn’t always a bad thing. Ra-Ra for definite is incredibly empathetic about when people are sick and I think having to subconsciously having to deal with a chronically ill parent has just made her more understanding. Both of my kids have a lot of love to give and hopefully I will be able to teach them that we all have things that make us special and just because someone is different it doesn’t equate to a bad thing.

Do you have kids? If so how do they react when it comes to your ostomy?

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