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In our blog you will find all kinds of information in relation to living with an ostomy. Tips, tricks and advice as well as other osto-mates experiences can be found within our blog.

Home Schooling and Ostomies

Did you think that your ostomy may help you with home schooling your kids? Nope well it can do!! Ra-Ra is learning about the human body right now; more specifically the organs, so what better way to talk a bit more about ostomies (and poop and pee) than during this topic. We have a whatsapp group amongst the mums in our year group to help give each other ideas etc and one mum is a flipping genius she got some wallpaper and drew round her son on the back and had him draw on the organs from his encylopedia. Now I didn’t have any wallpaper but we had some fax style paper which I luckily had enough to draw round...

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Summer Holidays

So this is my first summer holidays where having both kids at home all the time isn’t the norm as Ra-Ra started school last September. It is also difficult for me because I have become more fatigued than normal due to mental health which is now affecting my ostomy. Being a chronically ill or mentally ill parent or even just a parent (I have plenty of healthy friends who struggle just as much) comes with it’s problems as well as the joy that kiddliwinks can bring. So I thought I would write a little post offering some solidarity. Children don’t amount value to things so they can often want things or do things that you simply just can’t afford at...

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My Kids and My Ostomy

So as you may know I have two beautiful children – Ra-Ra who was 2 when I had my ileostomy formed and Button who was born after. Both have their own interest in my bag and my stoma, for me it was quite interesting to pay attention to how they both act around it.Ra-Ra (5.5 years old) doesn’t really remember me being sick well as sick as I was before surgery but I remember 00Steve warned her about my tummy after surgery and that it would be sore. She used to bring her doctors bag to my appointments which was super cute especially when asked one day why she brought it she looked at the doctor and said straight faced...

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Is Your Loved One Having Surgery?

We often worry about what to take for ourselves in a hospital bag for surgery but what should or could we do for those we love that maybe going in for surgery or frequent hospital stays? Last month two of my fellow co hosts of The IBD and Ostomy Support Show have gone in for surgery and even though it is not their first surgery or admission by a long shot it got me thinking what are things YOU can do for someone else? For starters don’t take in grapes! Skins or peel tends not to be so good as you may know for ostomates (except urostomates you lucky devils) but you can get your friend to look into a sort of...

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Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Week

So you may be thinking what on earth does this topic have to do with a blog about ostomies. Well pregnancy and infant loss is very close to my heart and actually in my mind has a lot to do with my ostomy. Feel free to read on but I understand if this topic maybe too hard for you to read but know that any pain, sorrow or grief you are feeling is completely acceptable and you have every right to feel. So a little bit of background and context first of all; I was told when I had my jpouch surgery I was told my fertility would probably drop by about 25% at the time my ex partner and...

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