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Running With A Stoma - The Race Edition

October was a very special time for me as I entered my first 10K race in Cardiff, South Wales. Whatever possessed me to do it you ask? How many of you who are reading this with a chronic illness have found they can’t be as active as they once were? For me it was like a light switch was flicked and I couldn’t do anything without being in pain anymore. Its debilitating, demoralising and can lead you down a dark path mentally with the mental health benefits you loose over night. My health journey has been quite the fair ground ride. Born with Hirschsprungs Disease, multiple surgeries, 3 stomas and having a child which has the same yet more severely,...

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The Benefits of Support Wear After Surgery by Lorraine Alikhanizadeh

So you’ve had your stoma surgery and you’re well on the way to making a full recovery and getting back to normal life, normal life being pretty much whatever you did before your illness but with a few differences. Apart from the obvious mechanical changes your stoma imposes, there’s not much that you can’t do, that you could do before your surgery, provided you take the right measures to reduce your risk of developing a parastomal hernia. The literature shows that 50% of those with a stoma will go on to develop a hernia within the first two years after surgery (Boyles 2010. McGrath et al 2006, Thompson 2008). What exactly is a parastomal hernia? When a stoma is formed...

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