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5 things being an ambassador for Pelican Healthcare has taught me...

When asked by Pelican to be an ambassador I had been sharing our story for 4 years already. I started my page on Instagram @gutsy.mum with the aim of reaching anyone that may stumble on my page and feel like they are the only ones. Being an ambassador has brought with it so many wonderful opportunities, and for that I am so grateful for. I have learnt some lessons along the way too.

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Can you pee with an ileostomy?

Unless you have had an operation to form a urostomy (where a stoma is formed to divert urine out of the body via the abdomen), you will pee as normal with an ileostomy & the same goes with a colostomy.  Both surgeries to form an ileostomy or colostomy divert bowel waste from the body, not urine. It is also possible for people to have stomas for both urine (urostomy) and bowel waste (ileostomy or colostomy) at once. 

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What is stoma support wear?

Stoma support wear is a range of garments, designed to support your abdomen post bowel surgery and provide both support & security to your stoma and stoma bag. Stoma support wear can be used as both hernia support and also as a preventative measure during physical activity. At Comfizz, we understand that stoma support wear isn't just limited to the above description. It can have many advantages and empowers many of our customers to have a higher quality of stoma life with added confidence and peace of mind.  

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Sleeping with an ostomy

Through all the adaptions to life you will have to make during your recovery from ostomy surgery, learning how to get a good nights sleep is arguably one of the most important and difficult. Your body needs sleep to heal and mentally you need it to process the trauma of surgery. It may be difficult to start with if you are in some discomfort as things settle down. You have to learn to accept your body in its new state, this alone takes great courage and strength which in turn may be affecting your ability to shut off and get a good nights sleep. 

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