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Ostomy Superhero’s– A Humorous Tale

Sometimes life with a stoma can get heavy with struggles and become so difficult. That's when perhaps a reframe can help like this light hearted Ostomy Superhero story Calling all Ostomy Super Heros, get your cape ready as you prepare to face one of the biggest potential villains when living with an ostomy… The dreaded Hernia. These pesky hernias wreak havoc in the ostomy world, spreading discomfort wherever they go, causing unsightly bulges, pain and difficulties getting your bags to stick properly. They are the chink in the Ostomy Super Heros armour,

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Your undies might not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering your skin health around your stoma or surgical wound, but they can have a very critical part to play in keeping your skin healthy. Lets uncover why?   When it comes to our skincare routines, we often focus on the products we apply directly to our skin, the lotions, moisturisers, or scrubs etc but have you ever considered the role of the fabrics you wear in promoting skin health? Fabric wicking, a remarkable feature found in many modern textiles, offers significant benefits to our skin. So let’s delve into the world of fabric wicking and learn exactly why it is essential to your skin health. Understanding...

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5 things being an ambassador for Pelican Healthcare has taught me...

When asked by Pelican to be an ambassador I had been sharing our story for 4 years already. I started my page on Instagram @gutsy.mum with the aim of reaching anyone that may stumble on my page and feel like they are the only ones. Being an ambassador has brought with it so many wonderful opportunities, and for that I am so grateful for. I have learnt some lessons along the way too.

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