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So you have been told you need stoma surgery….   If you have been told with time to plan it can come with its positives and negatives. Time to plan and be prepared, but also to worry. You will find lots of useful blogs and advice from ostomates and reputable ostomy companies, advice is never hard to find. During your pre op appointment you should be given advice on essentials to bring.    Creature comforts   Nothing makes a hospital bed more comfortable than your own pillow or an extra blanket. Subconsciously you will feel more settled with your own of these. With hospitals being one of the least sleep friendly places to be, it might just help you drift...

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Stoma surgery expectations versus reality

I had the phone call a few weeks in advance for my ileostomy surgery last Summer during lockdown. We had to isolate as a family for 10 days and I was in no means mentally prepared. With Covid I didn’t expect to have the surgery anytime soon giving us all quite the shock! A few weeks is much more than some people get with many stomas formed as the result of an emergency surgery where patients wake up to find one without even know what a stoma is.

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