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Friendship and acceptance

I am rather a sociable being and love the bones of my friends. Having a poorly child will show you very quickly who the real ones are, the ones that reach out. The ones that have the difficult conversations then entertain your anxieties and dramatics in times of hardship. Child-care has always been an achilles heal for us with a child with both an ostomy and a feeding tube. Friends over the years have offered to learn how to change a stoma bag to be able to baby sit, but to put that responsibility onto someone is huge, and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. From our perspective, we wouldn’t dream of asking someone who has a newborn, a younger...

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Eating Disorders Awareness Week

Did you know that GP’s in the UK get less than 2 hours training on eating disorders in their medical degree (sourced here)? It’s simply inconceivable. The topic of eating disorders was something I never had to give much thought about until I had my son, yet now it consumes most of my thoughts. Eating disorders awareness week is a chance to share our stories and connect with like minded people.

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