Ostomy Superhero’s– A Humorous Tale

Ostomy Superhero’s– A Humorous Tale

Sometimes life with a stoma can get heavy with struggles and become so difficult. That's when perhaps a reframe can help like this light hearted Ostomy Superhero story.
Disclaimer: This blog is a humorous piece on the risks of developing a hernia and the solutions available to you. Please don’t be offended, it’s not making light of the real struggles you face living with an ostomy but rather adding a little light hearted approach in an attempt to inform & educate whilst bringing a smile in the face of adversity. I hope you enjoy. Please feel free to comment.

A Battle Unfolds

Calling all Ostomy Super Heros, get your cape ready as you prepare to face one of the biggest potential villains when living with an ostomy… The dreaded Hernia. These pesky hernias wreak havoc in the ostomy world, spreading discomfort wherever they go, causing unsightly bulges, pain and difficulties getting your bags to stick properly. They are the chink in the Ostomy Super Heros armour, the stoma site is a weak spot in the abdominal wall and lurking in the shadows, ready to pounce like a ninja is the dreaded Hernia. They love to crash the Ostomy party, making things more complicated for you heroic Ostomates.
Did you know that between 50-70% of all Ostomates go on to develop a hernia around the stoma site BUT .. All Super Heros Have  A Sidekick right?
 Enter The 'Super Support Wear' Hero
In this epic battle between the unsung Ostomy Heros and the Villainous Hernias, it’s not enough to rely on caution and willpower alone. Every superhero has a sidekick and that’s where ‘Super Support Wear’ comes in. They are no ordinary sidekick though, not Batman’s sidekick Robin, oh no, think more like Tony Stark’s Iron Man Suit (though much more comfortable!)
Enter The Hernias’ Nemesis
The long standing rival and ultimate cause of the hernias downfall are the Stoma Support Belts. These are the firmest level of support, used  for when the superhero is leaping off buildings, doing karate kicks and back flips whilst saving the world or generally being super active working out at the gym, gardening or doing some heavy lifting.  
This trusty accessory provides extra support to the abdominal area, preventing hernias from even thinking about making an appearance. They apply gentle pressure to the stoma site (without restricting the stoma flow) keeping hernias at bay. It’s like a Super Hero showdown and we all know that in these showdowns,  the goody always wins. Another way to look at support belts is they are like a Super Heros’ shield but way more practical.
The Super Hero’s Secret Undies – Shhh they are secret
These everyday light and medium support wear gems are a hidden secret, not your typical Superhero undies that are worn on the outside for all to see. No these little wonders are sneakily hidden away, disguised as regular underwear. No one would know you were wearing protective support wear (unless you wanted to tell them) These boxers, briefs, vests and waistbands act like guardian angels to your stoma site. Superhero undies are designed to be worn all day, every day and even through the night if you like. They keep everything in place, provide gentle support, holding the pouch, reducing that dragging feeling, reducing leaks and improving body shape, what’s not to love! They can replace regular underwear and so are like Batman is to Gotham city, always there when you need them.
Stoma Guards: Your Personal Fortress Of Solitude
The Comfishield is like the indestructible fortress of solitude for your stoma. It shields your stoma from the unexpected bumps and knocks from goblins, rogue gremlins or anynunwanted forces like seatbelts, jumping dogs or cricket balls! It’s like having your own personal bodyguard but much more cost effective and without the intimidating sunglasses
In Conclusion
I think we should all raise our glasses to you unsung Ostomy Heros, as you battle daily with such grace, humour and a bit of that super hero spirit. Facing head on the daily challenges, including those pesky hernias, hopefully with your trusty sidekick support wear solutions.
In the end we can all become a part of this super hero squad, by spreading awareness and making the world a more inclusive safe place for you ostomy heroes. Whether you are an ostomate, caregiver or just someone who appreciates a good super hero story, lets join forces and help move towards a safe, accepting & hernia free world.
And remember, even a super hero needs a bit of support now and then, be it in the form of ostomy belts and superhero undies,  a moment with your pooch, or a friendly smile.
So next time you see your loved one who's gone through having an ostomy, give them a big hug and remind them what a super hero they  are.

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