Summer Holidays

Summer Holidays

So this is my first summer holidays where having both kids at home all the time isn’t the norm as Ra-Ra started school last September. It is also difficult for me because I have become more fatigued than normal due to mental health which is now affecting my ostomy.

Being a chronically ill or mentally ill parent or even just a parent (I have plenty of healthy friends who struggle just as much) comes with it’s problems as well as the joy that kiddliwinks can bring. So I thought I would write a little post offering some solidarity.

Children don’t amount value to things so they can often want things or do things that you simply just can’t afford at that time (story of my life!) but they also don’t need anything big to have the time of their lives.

Are you someone who is able to walk with relative ease? Pack a picnic and sit in the park or if your location allows it go for a walk in the fields or woods. We take a frisbee or a ball which is perfect if you have more than one child this means you can take a break if you need too and they don’t feel so mopey.

Just a simple picnic by the river

If you are finding everything a bit of a struggle right now – that’s okay because I bet Pinterest has you covered with a range of arts and crafts ideas that you can mock up from stuff you already have in. Like painting pasta and making pictures or jewellery.

Check out your local libraries for different sessions they have on or take part in the summer readathon they often hold. Failing that take them to a soft play and let them run wild!

Do not feel bad for the days you just have a pj day and watch the tv, or the days they fray your temper a bit thin. It certainly doesn’t make you a bad or any less of a good parent.

On my personal blog you can follow each week what we have been doing and not all of it involves money or even leaving the house (hurrah)

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