Peak Medical LTD

Peak Medical LTD

I have decided that over the next few months I will talk about a different ostomy supply company and their main product. Sometimes we find that we are sent home with one brand after surgery and it may not be the perfect fit for you. It is completely normal to try other products and sometimes we don’t know about other products hence this mini series. So I am starting with Peak Medical because it is the products I use regularly and personally swear by.

I was first introduced to this company the beginning of last year by my stoma care nurse because my stoma is so flush and it has dips and creases sometimes. We had tried a lot of different products and they were not making much difference in keeping my peristomal skin healthy. So we decided to try the wedges; these are little triangles in a wide or narrow size and is the same material as the barrier seals/rings you can get from other companies.

These are unique to Peak and they are other than my bag is my essentials – I can’t change my bag without them! I have them in an eye shape too which helps when my eczema has flared up. I use the ileomate oval convex bag which basically means the base plate is oval shaped – this helps massively with the fact most of the time my stoma is oval shaped.

Peak Medical is a small company and they are really person centred which is what you want from any company. Also I spoke to Terry from Peak Medical about how he likes being a company rep! Have you ever tried any of the Peak products? How did you find them?

Obviously these products may not work for you and that is totally fine because we are all individuals!

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