Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness

February 17th has been marked as National Random Acts of Kindness Day celebrated by individuals, groups and organisations nationwide, to encourage acts of kindness. The dedicated website highlights the #RAKTIVIST MOVEMENT asking people to share their own and shout out about them. Here are some of my favourites:

  1. Text Someone Good Morning or Good Night - we spend so much time on our devices but how much of it is functional or adding value to our lives? I for one am guilty of mindless scrolling for no particular reason. Make someones day by letting them know you are thinking of them. It doesn’t have to be an essay or a long winded message. Just a few words taking a matter of seconds could turn a frown upside down!
  2. Sticking with the device theme for the second one, writing a positive comment on a website or blog. How many times do you read something that really resonated with you but you didn’t ‘like’ it or comment? I for one know I spend a lot of time and effort with my content and I don’t do it for likes or comments, but when someone does take the time to reply in some way it means so much. Next time you gain something from another’s content give them a thumbs up and make their day.
  3. Thanking someone every week for something in a little note has to be one of my favourites. I like to do this quite often as I love leaving people unexpected notes. When I visit my parents I will leave notes wishing them a great day or saying ‘I love you’ and thanking them for their help with my boy. In the work place if there is someone that isn’t having a great time of it, thanking them for something they have done could be the one thing that turns their day around. If you do it for a year that’s 52 notes, now isn’t that something?!
  4. Returning your neighbours rubbish bins to the door after rubbish collection day is a lovely gesture. My neighbour two doors down does this for us and has done for years. I keep telling her there is no need but she does it for a few of us. Its such a little thing that we could have done but she does it anyway. We hit the jackpot where neighbours are concerned that’s for sure!
  5. Sending a little something in the post for someone unexpected can include a card, a postcard or a little gift. Moonpig have offers on their app sometimes where you get a free card and just pay the postage. I usually use it to send a card to a friend that doesn’t live near who I haven’t seen to let them know I’m thinking if them. Download the app and you should be notified when they do it, just keep the notifications on.
  6. Baking a cake is something a lot of us enjoy doing but can you give it away? If you are making small items such as pastries, cupcakes or scones why not increase your mixture by a quarter and give a few to a neighbour or friend?

7. Raising money for charity is something that will make you feel great and benefit a charity at the same time. Running a local 5 or 10k, even a half marathon can be so rewarding and teamed with the mental and physical health benefits is a win win. I am currently training for the Cardiff Half Marathon for my sons hospital charity and look forward to reaching that finish line and seeing his face! Find my page here.

8. Food bank donation trolleys and packages can be seen at the front of most main stream supermarkets where you can put in one tin to buying a whole bag for donation. Popping a few tins in a months can be a brilliant way of giving back. Better yet raid your cupboards and if there isn’t something you haven’t needed for 6 months the chances are you won’t use it so donate them. Check they are still in date as if you are like me you will find some that aren’t!

What random acts of kindness can you think of? Share them with others and act on them. Kindness knows no bounds.


Until next time, Rach x

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