Spring/Summer Wardrobe Inspiration

Spring/Summer Wardrobe Inspiration

With the UK seeing our first week of high temperatures this year as I look outside the window, the sun is beaming and I’m wondering why I still have a jumper on as I wasn’t prepared for such weather! I make a mental note to have a wardrobe sort out over the Easter half term as I look for outfits for the warmer weather. 
This midi dress and those alike are the perfect choice to feel like you have made an effort that can be dressed up or dressed down. This one from Shein has an elasticated waist, perfect for anyone with tummy discomfort, where the tie can be changed throughout the day as desired. The elasticated element gives you shape without compromising on comfort, with support underwear easy to wear underneath for a seamless finish. If you see something nice on Shein in your size don’t hesitate as the good stuff tends to sell out fast! Take advantage of their regular discount codes, you will always find something off your order. Don't expect it to be quickly delivered like we are used to (hello Amazon).
Trusted jeans and a nice top is my quickest go to, if you have been lucky enough to find ‘the one’ of jeans that fit right for you that’s half the outfit sorted every time! Aura Jeans have more recently launched jeggings which for me are the ultimate weapon in my wardrobe for looking put together yet feel comfy and secure with my ostomy. Aura Jeans are unique with their supportive layer in the lining for ostomies and of the highest quality, teamed with the jegging element they are a no-brainer! I usually go for a patterned top as that distracts from what may be showing underneath when I am feeling bloated or my bag is having a funny day of playing hot air balloon!
Smock dresses are my dream outfit. If I could live in them 247 I would. You just can’t get comfier and the prints at this time of year are divine. It was difficult choosing just two but these from Pretty Little Thing are simple yet stylish. Cycle shorts or unisex support boxers from Comfizz I team these with, where my thighs like to cwtch each other too much! I sometimes put them with a belt if I want to give myself more shape, but a statement necklace and some footwear will transition you from casual to formal with ease.
Living in good old Wales the weather can be very up and down. I make sure I have a few cute cardigans to layer up that aren’t my typical Autumn/Winter ones so I still feel in the Spring/Summer mindset. These gorgeous prints are from Zara and if they did one in each colour I would buy them all! I love wearing denim shorts and a t-shirt in the warm weather and these would go perfect if there’s a breeze in the air. Also lovely layered with a dress too.
Playsuits are my go to for formal occasions and date nights as you can feel immediately put together whilst actually feeling like you are leaving the house in your pyjamas - don’t judge me! Nobody’s Child is an eco-friendly sustainable company that teams dreamy prints and the highest quality items. It's at the higher end of the budget but if you want something that will last and be kinder to the environment then don’t look elsewhere. I love denim and this playsuit is the perfect combo of a denim look yet made from cotton for comfort and coolness. The flowery number is so pretty you could wear it to a wedding or the park and feel beautiful with the right accessories.
Finally, get the support wear right and you can feel secure in the fact that any appliances you have under your outfit are taken care of. The unisex boxer from Comfizz in this spring yellow colour is light enough not to show through most colours and being made from breathable fabric shouldn’t leave you feeling hot and bothered in your extra layer. For sports to aid in preventing a hernia, for stopping chafing in the legs and for me most importantly to support my ostomy out under my clothes they tick all the boxes. Under dresses they help with my mum tum to create a smooth silhouette, and the briefs work just the same. If you head to the website section for blogs you can see where I use them in my everyday life too.
Until next time, Rach x


  • Rachel Allen

    Hi Beverly :) I can’t imagine the strength and courage you must of shown to get through all you have. Thank you for sharing your experience. I am chuffed to see you have found a great comfort in the Comfizz garments as I have done. Take care xx

  • Rachel Allen

    Hi Chris :) Thank you for your comment, lovely to see you have grown to love your little man. It is such a hard adjustment but like you I have so much gratitude for it. Take care xx

  • Beverly (bevers)

    I have had my ileostomy since 27 jan last year. It was an emergency in the end as the t4 cancer burst through my colon into my abdominal area and I had 3/4 colon removal. Wash out of abdominal area and couldn’t have 6 months of chemo as scheduled to kill any cancer cells due to DYPD enzyme deficiency which meant the chemo would have likely killed me. I am very pleased to say I have lots of Comfizz garments which have helped Me greatly over the summer months. Prescription tops helped with my confidence. I have just bought two pairs of the bamboo leggings which are great. I have lost so much weight. I hardly recognise myself. I care for my husband who has Parkinson’s so last year in itself was interesting to say the least. I feel exhausted a lot of the time. I’m hoping this year will bring a more positive outlook for me and I’d like to get more active. Swimming, walking etc that said I do feel very blessed every day for the extra time I have been gifted. It just takes a while to adjust. Every day is a bonus and without my ileostomy I would have died. Thank you comfizZ for being a part of my support network. Best wishes to all my fellow ostomates. Bevers


    Hi Christine, thank you so much for leaving us a comment! I bet it was a shock & we are so glad you are here! If you’d ever be interested to share more of your story with us and our readers here on the Comfizz blog, please do get in touch as we’d love to hear more from you! :)

  • Christine Diment

    Hi Rach, I’ve had my ileostomy about 20months now, as it was emergency surgery for ulcerative colitis at the grand old age of 73 it all came as a bit of a shock having had no obvious symptoms.l really didn’t like my my ostomy for while but have grown to love (my little man) and most of the time don’t even know he’s there.iwouldent be here if it wasn’t for my ileostomy .xxxx Chris 😄


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