Staycation over the holiday season

Staycation over the holiday season

Myself and the Comfizz team hope you had a lovely Christmas Day and Boxing Day!! I am currently in Cornwall for a few days in between Christmas and New Years Eve, this is our second time doing this since having my ostomy and this time we at least don’t have a 6 month baby to think about. It is Button’s second time in a hotel the first being when we stayed in the Lake District for Ra-Ra’s staycation birthday weekend. Last time we stayed in Cornwall we were able to stay at 00Steve’s Dad’s but they had visitors so we are 3 miles down the road.

Even though I am no stranger to the whole staycation thing and have gone abroad with my ostomy I still worry a bit about travelling with my stoma. Mainly due to the being in a car for hours and you can always guarantee that my bag has filled up when there isn’t a service station around! Not that I am new to emptying on the side of the road I just prefer not too!

There are a few positives to staying a hotel (especially with kids) rather than with friends and family and they are:

  • it is less embarrassing if your bag leaks as they are strangers – I have leaked in a friends bathroom early after surgery and I was devastated. Oh an you can always blame it on a toddler if you have one like me!
  • as I double bag any used items I don’t worry about someone else disposing of them especially since I bag up nappies and no one is the wiser!
  • I can have my supplies out in the bathroom without worrying about what other people think as 00Steve, Ra-Ra and Button are used to my stoma
  • same with going to the toilet – we usually take air freshener with us because everyone poops! So I don’t have to feel embarrassed

I have been looking forward to this break for some time and just getting away for a little bit and being in different surroundings will hopefully help calm my whirring mind down a little bit. What have you done so far in the holidays? Have you had a staycation or just stayed at home?

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