Welcome to the Roaring Twenties!

Welcome to the Roaring Twenties!

Welcome welcome! Happy New Year from the whole Comfizz team! How crazy is it that we have entered into a new decade? I know to some that probably isn’t anything special but this is the first decade since the millennium that I have actually paid attention to that!

 As I mentioned in my last post I spent the week between Christmas and New Years down with family in Cornwall and the holiday itself was lovely – we took our nephew along with our two to the castle’s at Falmouth (Pendennis) and St Mawes plus St Michael’s Mount. I’m a history buff and I don’t care!

My stoma had however other ideas and from the drive down to the day we drove back was being a pain in my non existent bum! On the drive down it was being incredibly uncomfortable and I had to recline my seat back a little and we stopped at a service station about 4 hours into our drive and did our business then had breakfast. The bit that irked me was my base plate decided to go pop due to pancaking (honestly this hypermobile Elhers Danlos has a lot to answer for!) so back off for a bag change it was! Then every day my output didn’t know what to do with itself! This makes me more panicky than having urgency and maybe because it is something that I am still getting used too I don’t know but I am looking at my diet and how I can change it.

The twenties will have some firsts for me with regards to my ostomy:

  • I will have had my permanent ileostomy for 10 years in 2026
  • we will being going on our first family holiday abroad so I will have heat, swimming plus kids and my stoma to think about!
  • I may have to have more surgery as my stoma is so flush along with the pancaking of the hEDS

What are you hoping the roaring twenties have in store for you?

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