What are your Autumn ostomy fashion tips?

What are your Autumn ostomy fashion tips?

This time of year means switching the clothes in your wardrobe around and putting those summer clothes away and bringing the warm clothes and layers out!

Especially if you are new to ostomy life, you may be nervous or unsure about dressing for the colder weather. You may be worried that layers might restrict your ostomy, but we are here to tell you that you can layer up with an ostomy without it stopping it from working and in fact, our garments can definitely help you do that. Scroll down this blog post after Ant's video to find out how.

We asked Ant to give us his top tops for Autumn/Winter ostomy fashion.

Ant's top tips for A/W Ostomy Fashion

You can view more of Ant's outfits and ostomy life content over on his Instagram.

Layering our garments

Did you know that you can LAYER our garments?

In the video below, Amy wears a Level 1 Bamboo brief & Level 1 Bamboo leggings combined together for Level 2 support. Guys, how about wearing these leggings as a warm base layer under combat trousers, jeans or whilst hiking?! Our Bamboo leggings are also super soft for sensitive skin and come in both Level 1 and Level 2 support. Wrap up and be supported this year with confidence.

Amy's Comfizz Leggings A/W Fashion Tips



Our bamboo leggings are an AW staple as you can wear them with so many different garments depending on the occasion.

Also, we have brought out a Level 2 Organic Cotton Bra Top which is also in the above video, designed to compliment our other garments such as leggings and briefs. The colours the bra tops come in are "slate" and "pine" so that you can buy a matching set (pictured below) with the Level 2 Pine Briefs, Level 2 Slate Briefs, Level 1 Bamboo Slate Briefs and Bamboo Boxers

You can also see more of Amy's ostomy life & fashion content on her Instagram.

Amy sits sideways on a terracotta sofa arm, wearing the Level 2 pine bra top and briefs

Disclaimer: As always, this post is from our vlogger, Ant's experiences and our Social Media & Marketing Specialist, Amy's experiences with ostomy life & living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Nothing in our blog posts should be taken as medical advice. It's always best to consult a medical professional if you have queries or concerns.



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