How does a stoma protector work? - 30% off Comfishield set, shield & pad.

How does a stoma protector work? - 30% off Comfishield set, shield & pad.

September's products of the month are the Comfishield set, shield and replacement pad, with 30% off for this month only.

In order to understand this product properly, let's look into what the products do and how they can help you feel more confident, secure and protected in ostomy life.

Comfishield set

The Comfishield set comes in 3 colours (subject to stock availability) and is made up of the Comfishield and pad, to wear together for protectionnot support.

Easy to use, this set has a Comfishield stoma guard to protect your ostomy in comfort from situations which may be part of your daily life and things such as:

  • Unwanted forces - this can be good for those who have recently had surgery or who are anxious about anything pressing against their ostomy. The shield provides you with protection and peace of mind.
  • Needing straps or belts - the Comfishield set removes the need for these.
  • Being around children, contact sports and dogs.

These products are easy to fit, wash and wear and are compact to fit in luggage or take with you on-the-go!

Shields and pads


The shield and pad can be bought separately meaning you can add more to your collection or get replacements at any time. If you fancy mixing your colours up instead of always matching, buying them separately is the way to do this.

Pad features include:

  • Easy fit, soft fabric
  • Velcro opening to enable positioning around the ostomy
  • No uncomfortable straps required as it holds itself in place


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