What clothes can I wear with a stoma? 10 of my 2021 outfits

What clothes can I wear with a stoma? 10 of my 2021 outfits

Hello my lovely Comfizz reader & a Happy New Year to you!

I hope the festive period brought you joy & some relaxation & I'm sending gentle hugs to you if you need them.

I wanted to start the year off by sharing a few of my 2021 outfits with you & tips on stoma fashion. You can view many more outfits, as well as mind & body tips and so much more over on my Instagram

Without further ado, let's get started.

Clothes with a stoma always start with a stable support-wear piece

If you're a regular reader, you'll know how much I love being a Comfizz blogger & ambassador. 

Ever since I had my surgery in 2011, Comfizz products have enabled me to wear the clothes that I love with confidence, security & comfort. Their range has expanded so much since then. I started with the Level 1 7" stoma waistband in neutral and stuck to this, as I felt safe with what I knew, for several months post surgery. In time, I then found that the Level 1 10" waistband better suited my lifestyle and daily needs. With it being that bit deeper, I find it gives me better security at both the top and bottom of the waistband and keeps my stoma bag outlet in place better under the waistband. 

Pictured above are the Level 2 coloured boxers, which I find super comfortable. I wear these day to day or when I'm doing more exercise such as longer walks, gym or yoga. I am also a huge fan of the support briefs and thongs, and in Winter, the vests.

These garments help smooth out any "bag bulges" under my clothes, especially if I can't immediately get to a toilet to empty a filling stoma bag! They are designed so your stoma can function as normal. They are a staple to any outfit I wear. 

1. Vintage afternoon tea dress

For my 30th in November, I went to a vintage afternoon festive tea with my friends and it was lovely! I got this tea dress off Depop for £6... What a bargain! 

This dress was perfect for eating and drinking all afternoon with it being so floaty, yet fitted on the top. I always find bold colours & patterns are a good tip for detracting any attention from any bag bulges etc until you decide to empty your stoma bag.

I wanted to note here how by ensuring my bag is discreet, I feel more confident and empowered to go about my day and means my stoma bag is less on my mind than it would be without support-wear. You don't have to wear support-wear if you don't want to and you may be more than happy to wear the clothes you love regardless, which is great, but I have always found I'm less confident if I don't wear it and feel less secure should I have a (thankfully rare) leak.

 2. An autumnal look - I'm in love with the mustard colour!

This outfit has definitely got to be one of my favourite looks of 2021. It's been one of my staple outfits throughout Autumn and Winter and this photo was taken just after my fiancé and I had our engagement shoot with our dog. 

I love a long sleeve, tiered, floaty top such as this one. I find them simple but they make me feel great. The high-waisted jeans are from Aura Clothing, a brand that focus on custom garments for those who have had stoma surgery.


3. Knitted jumper dresses 

I absolutely love this outfit from Zara. The sleeveless, knitted jumper dress is so comfy and warm and it gives me that confidence with it being patterned, along with my support-wear underneath, to wear something more snug. The basic brown long sleeved top goes great underneath this dress and I often use basic tops like this to turn sleeveless dresses into something a bit warmer in the colder months.


4. Simple smock dresses

This dress was a £7 bargain and is super comfy and light to wear on warmer days with some sandals. I usually wear the white Comfizz briefs or thong under white outfits and it's safe to say that I now enjoy wearing white clothing where as before my operation, white clothing and Crohn's didn't mix!

5. Floaty, long-sleeved dresses

You've guessed it! I just love floaty dresses with more fitted tops. This Topshop dress I've had for a few years now and it's one of my staple dress-up pieces for gin nights, date nights or paired with black tights and boots for a day in the office. It's also super warm and snug which is a bonus and I feel super good in it.

6. A simple, elegant top & jeans for drinks with the girls

This is such an easy, yet pretty look to go for. I bought this top for £4 in the sale & teamed it up with a cami underneath, Aura Clothing high waisted jeans, nude heels & a nude clutch to finish off the look. I also really enjoy accessorising and complimenting my outfits with make-up such as with this headband and bold red lip. 

 7. A look for summer garden parties & summer nights!

This long, pleated skirt is so comfortable and it has an elasticated waist which is also ideal for my stomach. Teamed up with a blue vest and delicate cream, lace vest, I felt quite the summer princess in this. The skirt also allows for plenty of "bag filling" room if you're at a BBQ or meal.

 8. Afternoon tea & tennis!

I adore the colour of this dress and always wear cycle shorts underneath to give me a bit more certainty over not doing a Marilyn Monroe moment if it's windy! I could even play tennis in this dress if I wanted to, go watch tennis, have summer picnics, dress up for date night, wear it to a party....the list is endless! 

9. High waisted, statement trousers

These trousers are, hands down, some of the comfiest I own and sit just at the right height for the top of my stoma bag to sit snugly underneath, under my supportwear. They are tighter at the top and are more of a straight, comfy, loose fit cut but the floral pattern and colours mean that if my bag does fit up and I can't get to empty straight away, then I don't worry so much about a bag bulge and I can go about my day as normal until I find a toilet. I find that the support-wear also gives me extra peace of mind if I was to have a leak in the sense that they help contain my output and give an extra layer under my clothes that output has to get through before it's visible, until I can sort it out.


 10. Comfy loungewear

Comfy loungewear sets are an essential for me, especially for days where I struggle with energy and fancy an "at home" day. It's important for me to have elasticated bottoms and generally ones that are loose fit and definitely high-waisted. I love crop tops and high waisted lounge leggings sets and they are super comfy. I usually wear them with a Comfizz support brief underneath although I do sometimes just wear them with no support-wear and just normal underwear if I'm lounging around the house.

I hope you enjoyed my round up of my 2021 outfits. What are some of your favourite pieces for stoma fashion? Comment below or head over to my Instagram to drop me a message!

Wishing you all the best for 2022 and here's to another year ahead of being a Comfizz blogger!




    Hi Tina. We are glad you like our level one support wear. Our garments are designed with flexibility to allow the stoma to function normally. If you have any queries or would like to get in touch, e-mail us (info@comfizz.com) or give us a call on 0113 266 2096. We are also on social media if you prefer to reach out to us there!

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    Hi i got support wear level one is lovely the knickers and awaiting the waist band im so nervous as tight will stoma bag be ok and still work properly

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