What self care tips will help you to beat the January blues?

What self care tips will help you to beat the January blues?

How are you feeling this January? It’s easy to expect everyone to feel a sense of renewed possibilities, with the motivation to be healthier and hopeful. All we are met with is adverts for gym memberships, self care products and sales galore. Some may be feeling depressed, anxious, or just not their best, and that's ok. We all have difficulties in our lives whether it be financial, an illness, or relationship troubles to name but a few. Here are a few things you can consider to beat those January blues:

Turn off the screens 

Now this may sound like swearing...but with the negativity of the news and the pressures of social media to aim for utter perfection, that’s not the type of noise you need when you're not feeling your best. I for one find it extremely difficult to be present and live in the moment without distraction as I know many of us do. We are so accustomed to reaching for a device when we have a moment to spare, it's a habit that can become an addiction. Now I'm not at addiction level, but I do have to remind myself that there is more to life. When life gets heavy, get outdoors, experience nature in any form appropriate to you and your surroundings. Go for a walk, sit in your garden and take some deep breaths and breath in that good old oxygen. Get back to basics. 

Pamper yourself

We are always told to practice self care whether is be in the form of beauty, doing physical exercise, exercising the mind, or treating yourself. Times are hard for so many people at present so luxuries are less likely to be possible right now after the expense of Christmas. What I look out for are discount codes and offers of subscriptions for beauty boxes as I love a beauty pamper! I have a Glossy Box delivered even month and I can’t tell you the boost it gives me when it comes through the door. For the price of a few coffees you can experience products that you wouldn’t normally buy in their cute miniature forms to make you feel like the goddess that you are! 

Declutter your space 

This New Year I have de cluttered more than I ever have. 30+ black bags have gone to the tip and my god it feels good to cleanse the home and have all that unnecessary junk that I have held on to for so long gone. I am a classic hoarder and hold on to things for emotional reasons. Despite this, a tidied environment makes for a tidier mind and it really is true. It can feel quite daunting doing so but breaking it down by room, or even by cupboard can make it more manageable. Following people such as Mrs Hinch and Stacey Solomon who are known for their organising I find very motivating to follow on social media. Taking advantage of all the aesthetically pleasing storage solutions in the sales makes for an excuse to go shopping also!

Other ideas for beating the January blues include talking to family and friends when you're feeling down, or journaling if you want to keep your struggles to yourself until you feel able to share. Exercise and getting those endorphins through any form of exercise such as yoga, dance classes, circuits, walking, or running. If you are new to such physical exercise how about starting Couch to 5K? Take up a new hobby such as a running club, travelling, reading those books you always meant to that’s gathering dust in the cupboard, or cooking from scratch. Whatever you do, remember you don’t actually have to do anything until you are ready and willing. Just because others are and its all over social media that now is the time to reinvent yourself and start a new, don’t feel the pressure to do so yourself. Do what is right for you in your own time and be kind to yourself. If you are feeling very low and feel it is time to see your GP for some medicinal help don’t hesitate to make that appointment. You deserve to have the support you need, and if you do find the courage to ask for help be proud that you have done so.

Until next time, Rach x


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