Why Choose Support Wear an Ostomates Perspective

Why Choose Support Wear an Ostomates Perspective

Now some of you may think why does a support wear company have a blog that doesn’t talk in depth about it’s products? Well there are a couple of reasons for that, firstly the website does the talking for that and I’m certainly not an expert on the ins and outs of each garment and secondly this blog is from a patients side of things; someone that has had a disease, surgery and is living life after. Hopefully my posts are more personal than other companies blogs can be and I hope at least at times informative and entertaining!! We can all hope ha ha!! But this blog wasn’t created to give you another hard sell but to show you that life can and does go on it is all about how you chose to accept or not to in equal measure the cards you have been dealt.

I personally do wear the support wear from Comfizz and find it comfortable and definitely not clinical, I own things that range from the underwear to the outerwear. I may not wear them everyday but I am happy in the knowledge that I can wear them everyday, it also depends on my activity for the day or part of it. For example I am utterly in love with the tshirt they sell; I wear it when I go running as the little silicone dots stick to my leggings which helps them stay up, I even wear them when I cycle to work for the added security (because I am so unfit that I compress my stomach instead of keeping my back straight). It makes me FEEL like I am a sporting elite not just someone that exercises by means of getting to work and even then at an elderly zombie pace!

I am worried about getting a hernia like most ostomates or even those who have had abdominal surgery for other reasons. Knowing I have something in my drawer I can put on with different levels of compression depending on what I plan to do is great, especially as sometimes you just need that confidence. I think of it as the hardest part of running is getting your trainers on and leaving the house; once you are out of the door you just get on with it. It’s the same with wearing support wear – once you put it on you are sometimes given that gentle or stiffer nudge to get up and get moving or just bimbling around the house. I personally love the vests for that.

Now I fully understand hernias can occur at anytime for any reason even a sneeze and I also understand not everyone wants to wear them all times. Yet if you want to wear them all the time you need to find ones that work for you and your life. Comfizz understand this hence they have created such a varied line of garments; but they also understand that we are all unique and our needs can differ so they believe there is something out there for everyone be it from them or someone else. I have found both Nozar and Lorraine to really get their teeth stuck into ideas offered by customers so if you can think of a tweak or such you can message them and they can see what they can do. What is even better is they LOVE  being able to meet the customers for a coffee and a chat so you can always get in touch and see if they are free! I’ve been three times just for chats heck I’ve even taken the family!

Why do you choose to wear or not to wear support wear?

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