Your Comfizz Stoma Supportwear Questions Answered

Your Comfizz Stoma Supportwear Questions Answered

Understandably, when people first discover Comfizz’ stoma supportwear, they often have questions they would like answering before they consider buying. They also often don’t know that you can get certain Comfizz garments on prescription.

In today’s blog post, I am going to answer a number of those questions for you. Some questions are ones I also had myself when I first discovered Comfizz back in 2011 when I had my surgery for my permanent ileostomy, which was done via a large incision down my stomach.

  1. Will it stop my stoma working?

No, it won’t. If you have issues with your stoma not working when wearing the garments, it may be that you have the wrong size. The only time I have had an issue with this is when I ordered one of the support vests too small. The garments are designed to provide light support, which come in a variety of levels, as I will explain below, and should allow your stoma to function as normal.


  1. What are the levels for on Comfizz products?

Comfizz products come in levels 1, 2 and 3. The levels indicate the level of support. 1 being light support, 2 being medium support and 3 being firm support.

Level 1 is designed for every day wear and to help you with issues of daily life you may come across with a stoma such as fear of your bag being visible under clothes or as an extra layer of security if you often have bag leaks. This support wear can also provide support for those who have wounds from abdominal/bowel surgery or have incontinence. I wear a level 1 waistband every day.

Level 2 is designed for hernia support and for providing extra support when exercising. The fabric is also soft and breathable on all garments, ensuring comfort is a priority.

Level 3 is designed for holding hernias securely and protecting hernia repairs, as well as providing more firm support during more strenuous exercise, such as weightlifting.

Comfizz Brand Ambassadors Amy on photoshoot


  1. Can I wear stoma support wear when I go swimming or to the gym?

Absolutely! The fabric is breathable so perfect for exercise and can also be worn in water. It is best to wash the garment after wearing it in chlorinated water especially to avoid the quality of the product deteriorating.

Comfizz also have swimwear in their level 2 range. You can see an example of the swimwear in the image below, modelled by myself on Comfizz’ latest photo shoot in 2019 for brand ambassadors.


  1. Will you be able to tell I’m wearing the support wear under my clothes?

These photos below are examples of outfits where I am wearing my Comfizz support wear underneath so I’ll let you decide the answer to this one for yourself!

Occasionally, I find the waistbands roll up under my clothes as I’m pulling my trousers up and create a bit of a thick band which is slightly visible under my clothes, so I simply reach down and smooth the band out under my clothes at the bottom so that the roll disappears or I pull the band up slightly higher if the crotch of my jeans is higher than where the bottom of my support band was positioned and tuck my bag up a little if the outlet is hanging down. If I’m wearing very tight clothing like a bodycon dress, I will change from the waistband to the high waisted briefs, or wear normal high waisted briefs with a bit of support in them. However, it does worry me more wearing briefs that aren’t designed with stoma functionality in mind. Vanilla Blush are another stoma company that do some gorgeous high waisted knickers and also do boxers.

  1. How can I get Comfizz items on prescription?

Look out for the “prescription form” green cross logo on some product descriptions to know which items can be requested on prescription or alternatively, select “NHS prescription products” from the navigation bar at the top of Comfizz’ website. The “NHS prescription form” section will help you fill out and submit the form you need to get products on prescription.

Filling in the form, however, does not guarantee your order. Your doctor and/or stoma nurse will need to approve the request so a lot of this will depend on your relationship with them and how much they understand about your stoma and your specific needs.

Generally, once the prescription has been approved, your supportwear should arrive in around 3 weeks.


  1. How long can you keep the garments for before you need to order replacements?

I have a Comfizz collection of waistbands, knickers and vests, some of which I have had for 4 or 5 years now. I had a couple of the shallow 7” waistbands after my surgery but then found that the 10″ waistbands with silicone are better for me with them being deeper. You can also get 15” and 20” waistbands. I try to get a new order on prescription every year to year and a half, but as I mentioned previously, I still have garments from 4 or 5 years ago which are just as good if you look after them. If anything, they’ve maybe just lost a bit of elasticity over time.

I even have a pink waistband in my collection which was Valentine’s limited edition from a few years ago.

  1. Do they come in different colours?

Most garments have the colour options of black, white and neutral. Some products have a bigger range of colours such as pink and green also. I love the Level 1 Blossom Pink Vest.

You can see below a variety of some of the colours the vests come in, taken on location with Comfizz Brand Ambassadors in 2019.

Comfizz Brand Ambassadors Amy, Lynn, and Sarah on photoshoot

  1. How do the Comfizz products benefit you?

The Comfizz products have made such a difference to my life after stoma surgery. They have given me the confidence to wear the clothes I love and try clothes that I wouldn’t have tried without support wear, bought me time when I’ve had bag leaks and haven’t been able to get to a toilet promptly and have given me more determination to enjoy swimming, spa days, beach days where I haven’t felt like wearing a normal bikini and going to the gym.

  1. What would your stoma journey be like if you had not found Comfizz products?

My stoma journey would be nowhere near as advanced and fulfilling without Comfizz garments. I wouldn’t have anywhere near the amount of confidence I do and without a doubt, I wouldn’t feel comfortable to wear the clothes that I do now and to try new clothing styles and ideas as well. Of course, I wouldn’t have had this wonderful blogging opportunity without them either or have been selected as a Comfizz Brand Ambassador! The photoshoot last year was so much fun and such a confidence booster! You can see some of the images from that day in this post, along with Lynn & Sarah too, who are both so lovely!

Emotionally, my stoma journey has been more supported and helped by many of the Comfizz team, especially Lorraine who continuously checks in with me and is there for me to talk to, especially if I am struggling mentally. Those of the Comfizz team I have met are incredible, friendly & supportive people who are a pleasure to be around and work with.

Comfizz Brand Ambassadors Amy, Lynn, and Sarah on photoshoot

  1. Would you give any advice to someone considering a Comfizz product?

If you still have unanswered questions, definitely contact Comfizz and they will be willing to help. I would say to definitely give the products a go, as they have definitely changed and improved my life and enable me to go about my daily life with confidence, security and peace of mind that I can deal with my stoma and stoma bag much better because it feels more supported and discreet. Comfizz have definitely changed my life! They have turned what could have potentially been a very negative relationship with my body into such a positive one.

Make sure that you have got your measurements correct so that the sizing you are ordering is correct. Some garments cannot be returned for hygiene reasons and there are certain criteria which need to be met to return your garments. You can read the terms and conditions for more on this.

Want to know more about Comfizz products and how they have promoted my stoma journey? You can read my post on how Comfizz help me to live with a stoma.

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