Comfishield Set
Comfishield Set
Comfishield Set
Comfishield Set
Comfishield Set
Comfishield Set
Comfishield Set
Comfishield Set

Comfishield Set

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Product Description


Stoma protection at it's best

Comfishield Features include

  • No uncomfortable straps needed to hold it in place
  • Simple to use and fit
  • Soft back pad feels comfortable around your stoma
  • You can feel confidence in any situation including during sporting activities
  • Protect your stoma from uncomfortable seatbelts, dogs, boysterous children, contact or ball sports etc
  • Feel free to use your Comfishield with any garments of your choice.

Comfishield is  a two-piece set comprising a soft back pad, that sits snuggly behind and around your stoma bag, and a  semi-rigid  protector, which simply velcros onto the pad. This system of ostomy protection allows you the freedom to wear any garments you wish with no restrictions and no straps or belts required like other stoma protection products use. It is by far the most comfortable way to protect your stoma from any form of unwanted forces.

Easy to fit, wash and wear. Any time, any place. 

Replacement back pads or protectors are available separately.

This is a protective product and does not offer support.

Available on NHS prescription UK


Fold the flange back (shown below) to where it's attached to the fabric, measure from there to get your aperture size.


Additional Information

Washing Instructions:

Hand wash in warm soapy water

Material Composition (Approx):

Comfishield Pad: Polyester 100%

Comfishield: ABS Plastic, Nylon 15%

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