Living Life to the Extreme

Living Life to the Extreme

Many people think once you have an ostomy of any type that you can’t do much afterwards for the risk of hernias. Whilst to an extent that is true the extent being once you have an ostomy you are at risk of a hernia as long as you wear the correct type of support wear (see any of the Comfizz range!) for what you are wanting to do you can do anything even things people would deem as extreme just as these ostomates will show you!

For me my extreme since having an ileostomy is going for hikes and hikes where I live consist of miles of moorland and hills! One hill we all call a mountain as it is definitely looks more like a mountain than a hill and that is Roseberry Topping. Fun fact about Roseberry Topping; the singer Chris Rea (who is local to our area) dedicated the song Chisel Hill to our beloved mountain imposter! Although I have got plans to do more things that I had been able to do with my jpouch when I was super sick like abseil from the Transporter Bridge in Middlesbrough (I hated that) I will be aiming to do it from Roseberry Topping in the summer and I want to do Total Warrior again because I don’t see why my stoma would stop me commando crawling in a stream under barbed wire!

What else have other ostomates done?

  • If you remember we even have had ostomates talk about backpacking with their ostomies
  • coasteering
  • rock climbing
  • surfing
  • sky diving
  • we even have one of my dear friends who is doing a trek over the Sahara Desert very shortly
  • 00Steve used to scuba dive with a lass who had an ostomy too!
  • weight lifting
  • bootcamps
  • playing 40-50 tennis matches per season which is more than some one with an ostomy does
  • Ironman challenge
  • marathons
  • half marathons
  • pole dancing

What things do you do that you consider to be “extreme” for having an ostomy?

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